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Viral Marketing

Reviews play a big role when it comes to business. More than 70% of consumers rely on reviews when considering making a purchase, according to Business 2 Community, a market research firm that analysis emerging trends in connectivity between consumers and companies. Given the number of people that rely on referrals and their general affinity for social media, businesses looking to give their reviews a boost are turning to QR codes to get the job done.

Direct mail campaigns have been successful in the past, but they can only go so far today. Consumers have come to expect more from companies – more interaction. Social media is currently the throne of interactivity. Technology allows people to stay connected to sites like Twitter and Yelp at all hours of the day. Through these websites, consumers constantly share information and what they like or dislike. By leveraging these review-heavy mediums, companies stand to profit from increased flow of word-of-mouth.

Cynthia Fedor, a spokeswoman for Business 2 Community, says that small businesses can benefit most from social QR campaigns, especially those with a direct mailing tactic. Adding a QR code to a direct mail can make a marketing campaign much more dynamic and give people an incentive to respond. Small companies with modest budgets will see that QR codes are inexpensive when compared to the high price of traditional advertising.

Fedor notes that petitioning customers for video endorsements is an effective initiative. By linking the video to a QR code and sending that code throughout the community as a direct mail campaign, it can impact consumers in a new way.

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