QR codes simplify renewable hydrogen fuel awareness

QR codes - Hydrogen Fuel News Merch Store - T-Shirts

The new HFN store has added quick response codes to its merchandise to make it easier to share information. Hydrogen Fuel News (HFN), an online magazine focused on the latest in renewable energy headlines, has added QR codes to the merchandise it sells in its new store. The purpose of the barcodes is to make it easy for people to share information about H2. The QR codes are found on the sleeves or back of the neck of the shirts in the HFN store, as well as being strategically placed…

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Instagram auto-captions roll out for stories

instagram new feature

The feature provides users with a blue “Captions” option when recording a video or adding a gallery clip. Users recording a video using the Stories camera or uploading a gallery clip they have already saved can soon use the Instagram auto-captions option. The feature is being rolled out to Reels and will be used by simply selection the “Captions” option. The Instagram auto-captions feature has been expected for some time now. The accessibility feature is designed to make it easier for people who are hard of hearing or deaf to…

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The Facebook algorithm will start ranking News Feed content differently

Facebook algorithm - Facebook app

This announcement follows last month’s roll-out of new controls for how the News Feed is viewed. The Facebook algorithm for ranking News Feed content is getting tweaked, according to the social media giant. This is one of many recent changes taking place in this part of the social network’s experience. Last month, the company announced that it was rolling out new ways for controlling and managing the News Feed. It created a Feed Filter Bar, in addition to improvements to the explanations regarding suggested posts, and the capacity to control…

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Followers Gallery: Get 100% Free Instagram Followers & Likes 2021

followers gallery instagram free tool

A helpful solution and the best tool for getting free Instagram followers and likes. The Followers Gallery app is a simple, straightforward solution to obtaining free Instagram followers from real accounts. Download Followers Gallery for Android or iOS and discover how easy Instagram popularity can be. This app is staggeringly user-friendly.  You’ll notice how simple it is right from the initial sign-up.  Everything is clearly laid out and available in one step or quick step-by-step design.  Once you’ve downloaded this lightweight app and registered, it’s time to discover what it…

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How Mobile Marketing Has Taken Over the World

how to mobile marketing

Research states that a high percentage of the population stays connected to their pocket companion almost all day. You can do nearly everything from your phone, from checking emails and watching videos. You can also follow insider trading at a company you own shares in. As technology is evolving, so is the business world. Mobile marketing has taken over the world by storm. The article will give you all the details you need to know about mobile marketing, so stay put. What is mobile marketing? Mobile marketing is a marketing…

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