WhatsApp messaging app enhances mobile security with Android passkey support

Messaging app - WhatsApp Security

The popular Meta-owned application announced that it will be adding this new support for Android devices. Meta-owned messaging app WhatsApp has announced that it has launched Android device passkey support, eliminating the requirement for two-factor authentication using SMS. Users will be able to use their fingerprints, face or a PIN to unlock their accounts on their devices. Until now, the two-factor authentication using SMS was the primary security method used by the messaging app. However, according to WhatsApp, it will be gradually rolling out the use of a passkey instead.…

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J.Crew launches fashion app giving 2-day heads up on product launches

Fashion app - Model on phone

The application is a spinoff of the brand’s Passport loyalty program that began in August 2022. J.Crew is rolling out the next step in its Passport loyalty program that started in August 2022, by now taking a mobile commerce approach with a fashion app that will provide users with a number of shopping advantages. The application first launched on Monday and was based on the brand’s customer behaviors. The fashion app’s inspiration came from the retailer’s customer behaviors, said Derek Yarbrough, J.Crew CMO. In the last year, over two out…

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AI chatbots generate free Windows 11 and Windows 10 Pro keys

AI Chatbots - ChatGPT use

ChatGPT and Google Bard have been used to unlock the operating systems without paying. Last week, @immasiddtweets tweeted screenshots and a post that said “ChatGPT gives you free Windows 10 Pro keys! And it surprisingly works” after having used AI chatbots to generate the unlock codes. The tweet went viral, showing how @immasiddtweets “tricked” the artificial intelligence into providing the keys. According to the tweet, including the screenshots, @immasiddtweets asked the AI chatbot ChatGPT to behave like his late grandmother, “who would read me Windows 10 Pro keys to fall…

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This social media platform’s ‘security incident’ made private posts public

Social media platform - Public posting - sharing

Twitter says the event that made private Circle tweets public was “immediately fixed.” In April, users discovered a bug on Twitter that would make public the private tweets by Twitter Circle feature users on the social media platform. Almost a month after the discovery was first reported, the company has now released a comment. According to the social media platform, it told affected users that the exposure that made the private tweets public was due to “a security incident” that occurred earlier in 2023. According to Twitter, the issue was…

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Apple and Google collaborate on digital privacy effort to address unwanted tracking

Digital privacy - Partnership

The technology giants are accepting input from advocacy groups and industry participants. Location-tracking devices have become extremely commonplace as consumers use them to make it easier to find everything from luggage to their car keys, but digital privacy has become a serious concern. These gadgets can relatively easily be misused by wrongdoers for unwanted tracking of others. As a result, Apple and Google submitted a joint proposal for industry specifications that could help to combat the misuse of tracking gadgets using Bluetooth technology for unwanted tracking and threatening personal and…

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