Amazon Sidewalk launches for neighborhood connection sharing

Amazon Sidewalk - Amazon distribution center

The marketplace and tech giant has been testing the technology for months and is finally rolling it out. Following several months of testing, Amazon Sidewalk is now launching, providing consumers with a shared network that will connect Amazon-enabled smart devices. The device is slated for its official debut on June 8, at which time it will start heading to consumer homes. As of June 8, customers will be able to buy the Amazon Sidewalk low-bandwidth network that will connect to the home WiFi of its owner, to connect devices such…

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Apple privacy changes bring on antitrust complaint by German companies

Apple Privacy Changes - Different iPhone models

The largest media, tech and advertising firms in the country have accused the company of abuse. A group comprised of the largest media, tech and advertising companies in Germany have filed an antitrust abuse complaint over the Apple privacy changes. The accusations are over the new iPhone setting changes the group says will hurt the ads market. There are nine industry associations in the group. These represent companies ranging from Axel Springer to Facebook, according to a Financial Times report citing Bild owner, Die Welt. The complaint was filed with…

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Biometrics use could explode by 2025 due to m-commerce

Biometrics use - fingerprint

The tech may not be perfect, but it is solid and provides considerably greater user convenience. Biometrics use is expected to skyrocket in popularity over the next handful of years as a result of the widespread adoption of mobile commerce. According to data in a recent Juniper Research report the mobile security tech could peak as soon as 2025. The use of fingerprints and facial recognition for identity verification rose by 650 percent in 2020. As the pandemic sent millions of people worldwide to do their jobs remotely, the use…

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Android anti-tracking feature may follow in Apple’s footsteps

Android anti-tracking - tracking

Google could be tinkering with the option, which many assume won’t be as strict as the iOS version. As Apple’s upcoming App Tracking Transparency leaves developers scrambling and Facebook seething, Google is believed to be tinkering with its own Android anti-tracking feature. The concept is likely to be a similar one, though notably less restrictive, if past trends are indicators. An Android anti-tracking feature would come in some form of an opt-in requirement. Apple’s upcoming version will require developers to request permission to track iOS users across the websites they…

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Holiday trends reveal mobile commerce security issues in top retail apps

Mobile commerce security - mobile shopping black friday

Some of the most popular applications used by shoppers in November and December had red flags. The 2020 holiday shopping season unsurprisingly broke prior m-commerce records, but many of the retail apps most commonly used displayed mobile commerce security red flags. Many of the top Android retail applications showed some serious security concerns in a recent analysis. According to a recent HelpNetSecurity on a September 2020 analysis, the majority of the leading 50 Android retail apps had failed to apply adequate core hardening and runtime application self-protection (RASP) techniques. Those…

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