Living robots are now able to reproduce, say US scientists

First Living RoFirst Living Robots - AsapSCIENCE YouTubebots - AsapSCIENCE YouTube

The Xenobots are able to achieve reproduction and do so in a way that animals and plants do not. The American scientists behind Xenobots, the first living robots, have announced that these synthetic life forms are now able to reproduce. Moreover, they do it in a way that is not seen in either plants or animals. The Xenobots were created out of African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis) stem cells. The living robots are under one millimeter (0.04 inches) wide. They look like small blobs and were initially unveiled in 2020…

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Meta VR glove prototype uses air pockets to feel virtual objects

VR glove - Person using virtual reality gear

The wearable technology is bringing the metaverse experience one step closer to feeling like reality. Meta (the company formerly known as Facebook), has released images of its haptics VR glove prototype that will help to make the virtual reality experience feel slightly more real. It’s far from the real thing, but the wearable tech does provide the wearer with a sensory experience. The VR glove is still in its prototype stage at Meta’s Reality Labs research division. The haptics wearable is lined with about 15 ridged and inflatable actuators, which…

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New Amazon gadget gives Alexa the ability to monitor air quality

Amazon gadget - Alexa device

With everything from carbon emissions to wildfires impacting what we breathe, the device is on the watch. One of the newest additions to the Amazon gadget list will now be providing consumers with the opportunity to keep an eye on their air quality. Tech companies have been watching the consumer trend that includes watching air quality. This is a concern being voiced by a growing number of consumers. The Amazon gadget addresses an issue that people are thinking about on an increasing basis, and often for good reason. Many tech…

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Peloton developing $495 strength training smart camera

Smart camera - strength training

The Peloton Guide product is expected to be launched early next year in the United States, Canada and UK. Peloton, which gained fame for its stationary bikes and treadmills, has announced that a smart camera system will be added to its next roll-out which will be used for strength training. The gadget connects to the user’s TV and uses machine learning to understand the user’s movements. The smart camera is critical to the Peloton Guide’s movement tracker feature. It will be compatible with hundreds of the brand’s strength training classes.…

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Smart home gadgets can be controlled with the flick of a Wyze switch

Smart home gadgets - smart home phone

The one button can do everything from controlling lights to door locks or running appliances. Wyze has unveiled a new light switch type device that can be used for controlling smart home gadgets. The switch functions as a form of advanced but simple to use control panel for various devices. Wyze included its announcement of the switch for smart home gadgets as a part of the company’s birthday celebration. This most recent unveiling followed several other additions to the company’s lineup. The switch can also be used for lights no…

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