Mobile security gets a huge Samsung and IBM collaboration to support it

Mobile Security - Person holding mobile device

The companies have announced a strategic partnership for enhanced enterprise protection Samsung made a massive new mobile security for enterprise announcement at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, in which it said it was collaborating with IBM to recreate device protection for business customers. The solution will bring Samsung Knox and IBM’s QRadar together The mobile security solution that will result from the collaboration will be offered by Samsung later in 2024. It will involve the integration of Samsung Knox on-device intelligence into the IBM Security QRadar Suite. By combining…

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Older Android versions are decreasingly able to support Google Wallet

Google Wallet - Android 9 - Phone

The app now needs a device to run on Android 7 or higher to be supported Starting in June, Google Wallet will require a notably higher version of Android in order to be properly supported than it currently does. This could cut off users with older devices Google Wallet currently needs Android 7 or higher in order to be fully supported on a device.  That oldest possible version is indeed from quite a few years ago, but this doesn’t mean that people aren’t still using it.  However, it will mean…

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Mobile security remains a leading barrier to digital bill payments

Mobile security - Payment Concerns

As much as consumers are more confident in their devices, they still have serious concerns Mobile security was a substantial barrier to the widespread adoption of digital payments and wallet apps, despite the convenience they had to offer their users. Millions of people now use digital payments Still, as much as this technology has increased considerably in popularity in recent years, mobile security is still a leading barrier to its use or to the use of some of its features such as bill payments. About 60 percent of US consumers…

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Will a mobile ad blocker stop government spyware?

Ad blocker - Mobile Device - Question Mark

Though the main goal is typically to stop unwanted tracking and advertising, it may help in other ways Ad blockers are commonplace and offer a simple way for mobile device users to be able to cut down on the number advertisements they are required to view, and on much of the tracking associated with those practices. That said, the technology could also help to filter out other unwanted activities on a device Interestingly, ad blockers may also be providing device users with an additional layer of defense against spyware and…

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