Google launching Android Earthquake Alerts System to detect quakes worldwide

Android Earthquake Alerts System - Alert on phone

The new feature will use phone sensors to detect upcoming tremors and alert users. Google has announced that it is launching the Android Earthquake Alerts System to function as a global detection and warning service when a tectonic tremor is on its way. The concept for the new service for Android devices started with an announcement back in 2016. In 2016, Ars Technica – a trusted technology news source – reported that the sensors built into our smartphones could be used for detecting quakes. The accelerometers could act as a…

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Facial recognition software is suffering from effects from the coronavirus

Facial recognition software - woman wearing face mask

Wearing face masks is making it more difficult for the algorithms to identify people. Face masks worn to slow the spread of COVID-19 are doing more than reducing exposure levels as they are also messing with facial recognition software accuracy. A new report showed that algorithms have a tough time identifying people wearing the masks. The report was issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a US Commerce Department branch. Among NIST’s tasks is to measure facial recognition software algorithm accuracy. Its new report showed that when…

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AI prostate cancer detection algorithm shows 98 percent sensitivity

AI prostate cancer detection - binary code - technology

A study also showed that the artificial intelligence algorithm had 97 percent specificity. Ibex Medical Analytics, a Tel Aviv-based firm, has released data on what it has called the first AI prostate cancer detection algorithm to do more than just detect the presence of tumors. The company said that the algorithm can also grade and size a tumor it has detected. The start-up company has developed a digital pathology system that uses AI prostate cancer detection algorithms for what it has called “outstanding outcomes” in a study to clinically validate…

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YouTube has opened up an AI generated replies feature for its creators

AI generated replies - YouTube - Laptop

This feature is meant to allow creators to post automatically produced responses to audience comments. YouTube recently announced a tool for creators to use AI generated replies to engage with their audience through the comments more quickly. The feature is called Smart Reply and uses artificial intelligence to produce appropriate responses. In this way, the YouTube Studio can be used to post AI generated replies to user comments without the need for the creator to actually type them. Google is already rolling out the feature so that creators can start…

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Scientists develop sign language glove for real-time translation

Sign language glove - UCLA Research

This allows the wearer to hear the translation read out loud by way of a connected smartphone. UCLA scientists have developed a new type of sign language glove that will read out loud in real time. This has the potential to help hearing impaired people to enjoy direct communication with anyone, without the need for someone to translate from signing. Sensors within this one-hand wearable reads the ASL signing for translation by the app. This wearable contains a special sensor that spans throughout the length of each of the fingers…

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