Next step for artificial intelligence could be a DNA-embedded computer chip

Artificial intelligence - DNA - computer

The technology has arrived at the proof-of-concept stage and is meant to boost processing levels

A proof-of-concept computer chip with embedded DNA could end up being the next step in artificial intelligence technology.

The computer chip was created using a substrate of DNA able to perform calculations

The DNA-infused chip is able to perform calculations and is also capable of managing the processing of big data.

The idea of using devices based on DNA isn’t anything new, but the proof-of-concept is.  The purpose is to be able to encode data on an extremely small scale.  That said, the chip goes beyond that as it also processes data, which could prove to be highly beneficial to artificial intelligence’s future.

Artificial intelligence - Big Data - DNA

A recent paper published in the PLOS One journal thoroughly describes the DNA computer chip.

Artificial intelligence could benefit from this tiny processing and compact memory hardware.

According to the researchers who published the paper, DNA is highly effective for providing a compact way to store information that is far smaller than any other type of existing hardware.  Furthermore, they pointed out that none of our existing memory hardware comes near DNA in terms of its reliability. 

Scientists have long wanted to use DNA as a form of data storage as it has been proposed to be more effective than the latest hard drive technology, including solid-state drives (SSDs).  Microsoft and other large companies have examined various ways of using DNA for massive data storage potential.

That said, this new proof-of-concept chip is the first time that researchers have also used DNA for processing data, not just storing it. This makes the component a promising new addition to where technology could be headed.

According to the researchers, the computer chip with DNA embedded into it has the potential to greatly boost artificial intelligence model training, since the data would be both stored and processed right on a single chip.

DNA – like artificial intelligence – has been in the spotlight quite a bit of late, as researchers have been using it for many new applications. This includes manufacturing artificial DNA for the first time. It’s believed that this type of discovery could be incorporated into the DNA-infused computer chip to further the concept and its potential.

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