QR codes at Drake concerts provide guests access to branded merchandise

QR Codes - People at a Concert

The massive quick response barcodes are being projected at the events for promotional marketing. Drake has turned to humble QR codes projected at his concerts to help provide event attendees with access to branded merchandise drops. The projections are also being used to offer access to people who aren’t in attendance at the concerts. During some of Drake’s concerts, QR codes – called a “bat signal” by Narcity – are projected for guests to scan to try to get their hands on items such as branded T-shirts, Nike shoes, and…

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Cool games offer outstanding online advertising opportunities

online advertising and layout1

In-game advertising is one of the greatest ways to reach a target audience when it’s paying attention. Cool games aren’t just a fun way for a player to pass the time but also provide effective online advertising opportunities that are proving exceptionally effective. In-game ads typically consist of static ads, dynamic ads and gamevertising. At the very core of a successful campaign is finding cool games such as those at Friv5Online, where you can place your ads, regardless of their form.  After all, this is the foundation of having an…

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Coca-Cola and Jon Batiste amp up QR codes with audio and artistic imagery

QR codes - Coca-Cola cans

The upgrade in the mobile marketing campaign gave the quick response codes a hotter new experience. While the pandemic made sure that pretty much everyone is now finally familiar with humble QR codes, this doesn’t mean that people like them all that much. The barcodes are typically black and white pixelated squares that are functional but not exciting. A new Coca-Cola campaign took this as a challenge and worked to see if people would enjoy and respond to QR codes more readily if those barcodes were far more artistic in…

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Augmented reality allows a dead pianist to give a final performance

Augmented reality - Piano concert

The experience was meant to be an immersive way for Ryuichi Sakamoto to play for an audience again. Ryuichi Sakamoto, a Japanese composer, died in March at 71 years old but was still able to give a final concert recently through the use of augmented reality technology. This tech made it possible for the composer’s digital avatar to perform a piano concert for 50 minutes. The audience was able to experience the concert in augmented reality using the Magic Leap 2 AR headset. Interestingly, Sakamoto isn’t the only artist to…

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AI technology to create “new” Beatles song

AI technology - The Beatles Sign

Artificial intelligence is being used to digitally bring the band’s voices back together this year. Through the use of AI technology, the Beatles are going to be releasing a new song for the first time in decades, bringing their voices back together, to a certain extent. Paul McCartney recently announced that the new Beatles song is slated for release in 2023. According to Paul McCartney, when speaking to the BBC, there is no set release date, though it will come out before the end of this year. Moreover, the song…

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