Shanghai QR code brightly lit up the night sky

Shanghai QR code drone show put on by bilibili - Image from YouTube

The perfectly scannable quick response code was created by hundreds of synchronized drones. Earlier this week, hundreds of drones flew up into the night sky to create a massive Shanghai QR code that could be scanned from the ground using a smartphone. The giant quick response barcode was a symbol of the thriving digital economy and in China. The Shanghai QR code was unique in that it was sailing over the city’s night sky using drones. That said, the barcodes are ubiquitous across the country. They are seen everywhere and…

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Users can create DuckDuckGo QR codes let users share links

DuckDuckGo QR Codes - woman holding phone and using laptop

The barcodes make it easier for users to share the URLs they like with their friends. DuckDuckGo QR codes have now launched to make it easier for mobile web surfers to share a link they like with friends they think will benefit from it. Quick response codes have become immensely popular as the pandemic forced contact-free interactions. While the type of idea behind the DuckDuckGo QR codes is far from unique – other search engines and even browsers offer this type of feature – it is only more recently that…

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QR code payment link formed between Thailand and Vietnam

QR code payment link - mobile payment transaction

The countries have rolled out a cross-border interoperable quick response code transaction connection. The Bank of Thailand and the State Bank of Vietnam have launched a new QR code payment link between the two countries to allow cross-border transactions. The interoperable quick response code is meant to make transactions easier to complete between the countries. The QR code payment link will allow for cross-border payments to take place. Moreover, it will make it possible for the two countries to be able to use their local currencies with each other. Through…

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QR code venue check-ins will be added to NHS COVID-19 app

QR code venue check-ins - NHS COVID-19 app

The contact tracing application in England and Wales will soon request more shared details with positive test. The NHS COVID-19 app’s recent updates have started adding QR code venue check-ins to the requested information for sharing upon the receipt of a positive coronavirus test. The update was added to the application before the nations re-opened their stores on April 12. The purpose of the additional sharing of QR code venue check-ins in the case of a positive COVID-19 test result is that authorities want to be able to notify other…

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How Mobile Marketing Has Taken Over the World

how to mobile marketing

Research states that a high percentage of the population stays connected to their pocket companion almost all day. You can do nearly everything from your phone, from checking emails and watching videos. You can also follow insider trading at a company you own shares in. As technology is evolving, so is the business world. Mobile marketing has taken over the world by storm. The article will give you all the details you need to know about mobile marketing, so stay put. What is mobile marketing? Mobile marketing is a marketing…

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