Catholic priests in France will be required to carry personalized QR codes

QR codes - A Priest using a tablet

The barcodes will be printed on cards they are required to keep with them so people can scan them. The new regulation states that Catholic priests in France must wear wallet-sized ID cards with QR codes so members of the public can scan the barcode and learn whether they have had their clerical status revoked, as is the case with those who are now known sexual offenders. The new barcodes are a part of a larger effort the country is making to crack down against offenders. Members of the public…

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Almost half of consumers don’t like using restaurant QR codes

QR Codes in restaurants

A recent study showed 47 percent of restaurant patrons aren’t comfortable scanning the barcodes. Even as restaurants continue to use QR codes more regularly to help take pressure off front-of-house staff, the results of recent studies are indicating that many patrons still haven’t reached the point that they’re entirely comfortable scanning with their smartphones. The quick response barcodes are used for everything from displaying menus to ordering and paying. QR codes are affordable and easy to use, making them highly appealing for restaurants to use as tools for improved front-of-house…

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QR codes help to overcome South Africa’s notorious lack of street signs

QR codes - Cape Town

The municipal government of Cape Town has posted the barcodes on windows to help people get around. South Africa’s capital of Cape Town has been working to improve the problem with its lack of street signs by posting QR codes in the windows of around 1,000 small houses in Mfuleni. The solution to the lack of street signs is meant to boost local access to services and emergency support. Though the centers of tourism in Cape Town have adequate street signs for tourists to get around, moving away from those…

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QR code to enhance beach safety for Bay County tourists

QR code - Beach Safety Sign

The TDC has installed new signage to help people to understand safe usage instructions. Commissioners in Bay County, Florida recently collaborated with the Bay County Tourist Development Council (TDC) to launch a new beach safety initiative using QR code signage to help keep beach users safe and aware of the latest warnings and information. The barcode is combined with the Stay PCB Current information hub for local beach safety. Scanning the QR code provides locals and tourists alike with simple access to an information hub that provides all the safety…

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QR code on Persil packs adds accessibility

QR code - Scanning a code

Unilever has announced that the barcodes will help people who are partially sighted or blind. Unilever has partnered with Zapvision to add a QR code to its Persil packs in order to make its products more accessible to customers who are partially sighted or blind. The barcode system was created by Zappar, a digital agency and member of AIPIA. The new partnership means that the special QR code is now available on Persil laundry detergent products that will be sold throughout the United Kingdom. While this technology was originally unveiled…

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