Last QR code from the Taylor Swift mystery challenge was in Montreal

QR Code - Image of City of Montreal

After fans searched around the world for a number of barcodes, the last one was located in Canada

Entertainer, musician, entrepreneur, and performer Taylor Swift is well known for her love of dropping hints for mystery challenges around her music, and a recent challenge had fans looking for QR code displays around the world.

Swift often tucks Easter Eggs into her performances and albums

Recently, the performer challenged her fans, also known as Swifties, to spot posters and murals displayed in locations around the world and that showed a QR code that would link them to her newest album.

QR Code - Concept image of Taylor Swift barcode

Fans worldwide searched their local cities to see if they would spot a poster or mural that would allow them to scan the barcode.  The displays weren’t all found at the same time.  Fans had to search around to spot the images and barcodes that would allow them to scan. 

It wasn’t long before people started seeing the barcodes in cities such as Sydney, Chicago, Sao Paulo, Melbourne, and more.  Each linked to a visual of a typewriter typing out a message.

As the messages were revealed, they started to appear in other cities such as New York City, Paris, Nashville, and Toronto.

The last city to be added to the list of QR code discoveries was Montreal, Canada

Montreal was officially the last city on the list, as it was confirmed by Taylor Swift herself upon its discovery and reporting.

That barcode lead fans who scanned it to the song “Fortnight,” which was the debut single from Taylors recently dropped album called “The Tortured Poet’s Department.”

Now that all the barcodes have been found, fans have been speculating regarding whether the locations in which they appeared could be hints regarding the potential locations of an upcoming tour.

This certainly has fans in Montreal feeling hopeful that the singer might be headed to visit them on her next tour, and that as they were the home of the last QR code, they might have the closing show. As of the time this article was written, tour locations of this nature had not been confirmed by Swift or any of her representatives.

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