GM begins phase-out of NFC mobile device pairing in 2022 model year

NFC mobile - Image of Cadillac

This will affect Cadillac cars, in which this had been a standard feature for 2021 models. GM will start to phase out the NFC mobile pairing feature that had been standard in its 2021 Cadillac models. The 2022 model year vehicles will no longer have the near field communication standard. The near field communication tech was used for data transfer between compatible devices and the vehicle. The NFC mobile pairing made it possible for the data to be transferred while the compatible device and the vehicle were very near to…

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Denver launches QR code pet tags along with its licenses

QR code pet tags

Scanning the quick response codes makes it easier for a lost animal to find its way home again. In Denver, Colorado, people buying animal licenses will now be issued QR code pet tags that will make it easier for their lost animals to find their way home again. The Denver Animal Shelter is giving the PetHub ID tags away when a license is purchased. The idea behind the QR code pet tags is to make it possible for someone who has found a lost pet to scan and gain owner…

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Shanghai QR code brightly lit up the night sky

Shanghai QR code drone show put on by bilibili - Image from YouTube

The perfectly scannable quick response code was created by hundreds of synchronized drones. Earlier this week, hundreds of drones flew up into the night sky to create a massive Shanghai QR code that could be scanned from the ground using a smartphone. The giant quick response barcode was a symbol of the thriving digital economy and in China. The Shanghai QR code was unique in that it was sailing over the city’s night sky using drones. That said, the barcodes are ubiquitous across the country. They are seen everywhere and…

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LG smartphones are a thing of the past as the brand steps out of mobile

LG smartphones - Image of LG smartphone

The South Korean electronics giant has announced that it will no longer be making phones. LG smartphones are shutting down as the company focuses on other areas of the electronics market and leaves the losses associated with its handsets in the past. These mobile phones once rivaled iPhones in popularity and reputation. As popular as they once were, in recent years, LG smartphones have brought nothing but losses. The electronics giant has officially decided that enough is enough and has brought the struggle of its phone division to an end.…

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Biometric medical QR code tech becomes Hague Innovators Challenge finalist

medical QR code - scanning QR code

Trust Stamp’s entry has managed to make it into the final stages from among over 60 applicants. Trust Stamp’s entry of a biometric medical QR code technology has made it into the finalists of the ImpactCity Hague Innovators Challenge 2021. The quick response code is applied to secure important personal medical information. The Hague Innovators Challenge is an international program. Its purpose is to place the spotlight on innovative concepts addressing global issues. This year’s program received over 60 applications. Trust Stamp’s biometric medical QR code tech has been selected…

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