Mayo Clinic Health app support now available to iPhone users

Health app - Stethoscope - iPhone

The respected health institution has added itself to a growing list to add support for the Apple feature. Mayo Clinic patients who have an iPhone can now use the Apple Health app to access their medical data on their phones. The medical institution used a press release to announce its support for the Apple feature. In the release, the Mayo Clinic explained that it was adding its support for the Health app on iPhones, so that people could use their Health Records feature. Patients will now be able to use…

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Antitrust reform legislation to block Apple from stopping pre-installed app removal

Pre-installed app - pre-installed iPhone Apps

The legislation was introduced by Democratic Representative David Cicilline earlier this month. Democratic Representative David Cicilline has introduced antitrust reform legislation that would stop Apple from being able to block its device users from pre-installed app removals. Cicilline is pushing to pass new regulations for technology companies in the United States. By stopping a pre-installed app from being deleted from a device, that device’s manufacturer gives its own applications an advantage over competitors. Therefore, Cicilline is has proposed that tech platforms be prohibited from giving such an advantage to their…

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Google+ continues to cause problems 2 years after shutting down

Man holding head in frustration with Google+ symbol

The tech giant’s failed attempt at a social network is still causing the company headaches. Google+ stopped being available for personal accounts more than two years ago. Still, even though many of us have all but forgotten that the platform ever existed, it continues to cause headaches for the tech and media giant. Remnants of the platform remain live and have been breaking Google Phone app functionality for Android. According to a recent Android Police report, pieces of the Google+ platform are still live and are causing problems for Google…

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Australia chooses QR code check-ins and essentially dumps COVIDSafe app

QR code check-ins - Image of contact tracing app

Though the application started strong, it has fizzled out to the point that its usefulness is low. In Australia, QR code check-ins have become the strategy most people are using to continue the country’s contact tracing efforts. The original intention had been to use the COVIDSafe app for this purpose, but despite starting strong, it isn’t what it was meant to be. Even with strong initial enthusiasm from Australians, most people never downloaded the app. When the COVIDSafe app was first unveiled, about 70 percent of Australians said they liked…

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Google Search About this Result feature to help weed out fake news

About This Result - Fake News image

The Google I/O revealed the new feature to help searchers to evaluate the sources in search results. Earlier this week at the Google I/O developer’s conference a new Google Search feature called About this Result was unveiled. The purpose of the feature is to help individuals conducting searches to be able to more accurately evaluate the sources that appear in their query results. In this way, searchers will have more information available to them to evaluate those sources. Google is hoping that users of its massively popular search engine will…

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