Brij rolls out new one-touch QR code product registration

QR Code product registration - new feature rolled out

The platform will also make it possible to use the quick response barcode for reorders. Brij is a platform that works to bring together physical goods with digital experiences has launched a new one-touch QR code product registration and reorder feature. The platform’s new barcode features are meant to simplify these otherwise clunky processes. Brands using this platform are able to create customized experiences to offer through their products. These can now be accessed through QR code product registration. When customers scan the quick response code on the item or…

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Mobile payments change shape in El Salvador where Bitcoin is now legal tender

Mobile payments - Bitcoin - mobile

The country has become the first in the world to classify the cryptocurrency as legal tender. El Salvador has just officially approved a proposal made by President Nayib Bukele to grant legal tender classification to Bitcoin in the country, opening up new mobile payments opportunities in the country. A majority of the country’s lawmakers chose to vote in favor of the initiative earlier this week. The digital and mobile payments move in the country created a new Bitcoin law that formally accepted the cryptocurrency as legal tender in the country.…

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Australia chooses QR code check-ins and essentially dumps COVIDSafe app

QR code check-ins - Image of contact tracing app

Though the application started strong, it has fizzled out to the point that its usefulness is low. In Australia, QR code check-ins have become the strategy most people are using to continue the country’s contact tracing efforts. The original intention had been to use the COVIDSafe app for this purpose, but despite starting strong, it isn’t what it was meant to be. Even with strong initial enthusiasm from Australians, most people never downloaded the app. When the COVIDSafe app was first unveiled, about 70 percent of Australians said they liked…

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QR code magnets to help police in crime prevention

QR code magnets - Pittston City Police - Eyewitness News

The Pittston City Police Department is encouraging scans to report crimes around the community. A local police department in Pittston City, Pennsylvania, is using QR code magnets as a part of a new community engagement project. The goal is to encourage community members to work with law enforcement to prevent crime. The QR code magnets have been distributed to make it easy for community members to scan the barcode to initiate anonymous tips to police. In this way, people can report crimes that have already happened, or can give police…

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SafetyPay QR codes roll out in Brazil for realtime mobile payments

SafetyPay QR codes - person using mobile phone to pay

The popular alternative payments platform will use the barcodes across the Brazilian market. SafetyPay QR codes are rolling out across Brazil as the leading digital alternative payments platform announced that it was implementing a new mobile payment method. This leading platform in Latin America and Europe is starting with PIX in the Brazilian marketplace. The SafetyPay QR codes are a part of that PIX mobile payment method that Brazilians will be able to use to complete transactions in real time. Though this method, people across the country can use their…

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