Contactless mobile payments will see use by 100 million Americans this year

Contactless mobile payments - Image of Google Pay

The pandemic has caused a sharp change in favor of the contact-free transaction methods in the US. Efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 are being attributed to the trend toward the use of contactless mobile payments in the United States. Consumer shopping behaviors have altered to avoid touching commonly used surfaces. Before the pandemic, the adoption of contactless mobile payments had bee slow and gradual when compared to many other countries around the world. Consumers were satisfied with the convenience of using their credit and debit cards and didn’t…

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Amazon Kindle Vella to allow authors to serialize their novels

Amazon Kindle Vella - Image of Kindle Device

This new platform allows self-published writers to release their chapters one at a time. The new Amazon Kindle Vella platform can offer authors a new way to serialize their works and readers a new way to enjoy them. Authors have, for many years, enjoyed success by releasing their works gradually, one chapter at a time. The tech giant is now rolling out its new Amazon Kindle Vella platform to make it possible for that type of serializing release to occur directly on the company’s ebook platforms. The first few chapters…

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Smartphone demand gives Qualcomm revenue a massive shot in the arm

Smartphone demand - Qualcomm Snapdragon processor for mobile

The company’s revenue spiked by 52 percent, driven primarily by handset shipments. Smartphone demand over the last year has sent Qualcomm revenues and share prices skyward as the chipmaker saw massive fiscal second quarter earnings. The company’s recent earnings report substantially exceeded analyst estimates for the quarter. The company’s share prices rose 6 percent on the news of its fiscal Q2 earnings in 2021. The company’s high revenues are credited to the massive smartphone demand as a result of the global pandemic. Qualcomm saw an adjusted $1.90 per share, when…

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Chinese city governments speak out against rising facial recognition technology use

Facial recognition technology - Biometrics

Ningbo in China’s Zhejiang province has issued three fines for the tech’s use without customer consent. Facial recognition technology has been placed in the spotlight in China as backlash has been building from cities across the country. The Consumer Protection Gala last month drew considerable attention to the tech’s misuse. Several Chinese cities have been tightening their facial recognition technology restrictions as it has started being used for more mainstream purposes, including for garbage collection and for toilet paper dispensing. In the eastern province of Zhejiang, the city of Ningbo’s…

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AT&T, Delta and Apple partner in 5G iPhone 12 rollout for flight attendants

5G iPhone 12 - Images of iPhone 12

The partnership will deploy the smartphone upgrade to about 19,000 of the airline’s employees. Delta flight attendants will be receiving new 5G iPhone 12 upgrades as a result of a new partnership between the airline, AT&T and Apple. The 19,000 flight attendants will receive the smartphones as the airline upgrades its entire device fleet. The companies have announced that their partnership will upgrade all the airline’s devices to the 5G iPhone 12 models. In this way, all the airline’s flight attendants will have smartphones that are 5G compatible. AT&T issued…

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