WhatsApp opens limited text message editing window for users

Text message editing - Person using WhatsApp app

The popular messaging app is providing users with a 15-minute window in which to correct what they send. WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature in the popular messaging app that allows text message editing to become possible within the first 15 minutes after a message has been sent. For anyone who would like to make immediate corrections to a message, this is a welcome addition. It’s exceptionally commonplace to want to take back an unpleasant wording, correct a misspelling or typo, or otherwise correct details sent to friends, family,…

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Catholic priests in France will be required to carry personalized QR codes

QR codes - A Priest using a tablet

The barcodes will be printed on cards they are required to keep with them so people can scan them. The new regulation states that Catholic priests in France must wear wallet-sized ID cards with QR codes so members of the public can scan the barcode and learn whether they have had their clerical status revoked, as is the case with those who are now known sexual offenders. The new barcodes are a part of a larger effort the country is making to crack down against offenders. Members of the public…

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Microsoft gets EU approval for Activision Blizzard acquisition

Activision Blizzard Microsoft Acquisition EU approved

The European Union regulators granted the $69 billion deal its approval this week. Regulators in the European Union have granted Microsoft their approval for its $69 billion acquisition of the Activision Blizzard gaming company. This deal is subject to remedies Microsoft offered in order to assuage concerns over antitrust issues. The European Union’s executive arm, the European Commission, has stated that Microsoft offered remedies that have overcome antitrust concerns in the cloud gaming ecosystem. These remedies had to do with permitting users to use any cloud streaming platform to stream…

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Google promises to develop its Bard AI chatbot ethically

AI Chatbot - Business Ethics

The company says its artificial intelligence will be developed with care as it is launched in 180 countries. Google is rolling out its AI chatbot Bard throughout 180 countries worldwide while promising that it will be developing this technology ethically. Bard had initially rolled out exclusively in the US and UK, but it has announced a broader rollout. Last week at the annual I/O conference, Google made an announcement that it would be opening up its AI chatbot to many more countries worldwide. While this is big news, it has…

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TikTok social media platform value now 11 percent higher than Facebook

Social Media Platform - TikTok Value Increase

The short video app is also valued at 65 percent higher than Instagram according to a new report. TikTok has now overtaken Facebook as a considerably more valuable social media platform, as a new report from Business2community.com has indicated that the former now has a value 11 percent greater than the latter. This makes TikTok the most valuable brand in its category, based on the statistics in the new report. The analysis was based on data from Q1 this year, naming TikTok the most valuable social media platform in the…

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