Chipotle trials artificial intelligence solutions to streamline operations

Artificial intelligence - Chipotle Mexican Grill

The fast-food chain has been aiming to improve employee efficiency through enhanced training. Eight Southern Californian Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants have started testing the PreciTaste artificial intelligence kitchen management system. The idea behind the system is “demand-based cooking and ingredient preparation forecasts.” The artificial intelligence system employs machine learning to monitor real-time ingredient levels. It alerts employees with respect to the amount of preparation and cooking that are required and notifies them regarding when they should begin cooking. In this way, the system is intended to not only optimize throughput…

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Europe takes steps ever closer to a facial recognition ban

Facial recognition - Ban

Efforts to stop the use of cameras using artificial intelligence in public areas are building support. A growing number of people and organizations are beginning to move toward the banning of the use of facial recognition technology in public spaces. This includes a growing political coalition that is building its support in the EU parliament. The Greens and Socialists & Democrats groups have just been joined by Renew in forming a majority in favor of banning facial recognition that would indiscriminately scan crowds in public places in real-time. That majority…

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What is the value of all the dead cell phones in drawers across the United States?

Old Cell phones - $6 Billion

To the north, estimates in Canada are that the value of these spent devices are worth $6 billion. A recent study has indicated that the value of the unused cell phones across Canada are worth a tremendous $6 billion. As Canada’s population is considerably lower than that of the US, it indicates that there are far more here. The Canadian study was based on figures collected by Pollfish and Renegade in April 2022. That research indicated that there were about 60 million unused cell phones lying around homes in Canada,…

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Starlink internet service is now in Antarctica

Internet service -ac World - Internet - www

The SpaceX polar service is undergoing a new test at the McMurdo Station. The Starlink internet service constellation from SpaceX is receiving a remote-service test at the highest level, as it is now being trialed by researchers at McMurdo Station in the Antarctic. The service is currently viewed as having high potential for helping to connect the world. Many look to Starlink as a way to ensure that people living in rural areas and in other communities that are underserved by technology will be able to gain high-speed internet service…

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Canadian police to use artificial intelligence technology to spot distracted drivers

Artificial intelligence technology - Police

Police in the city of Edmonton plan to test AI in a pilot project to catch motorists using phones. The police in the Canadian city of Edmonton, Alberta are participating in an artificial intelligence technology pilot project to help identify distracted drivers on the city’s streets. The AI is being used similarly to photo radar but is meant to catch motorists distracted by devices. The artificial intelligence technology project is a system test being run by the University of Alberta. Just as photo radar is used to spot drivers who…

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