Google is letting users remove more personal information from search results

This new option lets people request that their phone numbers, addresses and email addresses be removed. Google recently released an official blog in which it announced that its users will be able to request that more personal information be removed from search results. This will include the removal of phone numbers, physical addresses and email addresses. The blog post explained that people will be able to request that their personal information be removed from their search results. This isn’t the first move of this nature that the tech giant has…

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How To Select The Right Influencer For Your Brand

influencer marketing

Many business owners are experimenting with different marketing strategies to entice existing and potential customers to avail themselves of their products and services. One of them is influencer marketing, an effective digital marketing strategy that enables you to reach a larger target market and drive sales. At its core, influencer marketing is all about collaboration and partnership. You’re paying a person or a group to advertise, feature, or positively promote your brand to their existing audience. Some people may also see this as ‘paid word-of-mouth.’ However, influencer marketing can only…

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Cloud Scaling Solutions With Microsoft Cloud Architect

cloud computing

Over the years, cloud computing has become increasingly popular among modern businesses. In fact, by the end of 2021, 67% of all infrastructures of enterprises were based on the cloud. This is because cloud solutions such as Microsoft cloud solutions architect can process large volumes of data and enable global deployment, allowing businesses to construct more innovative and dynamic ways of working.  But what happens if businesses want to scale their current cloud computing solution to meet new and changing demands when it comes to handling and storing data? Enter…

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Making Accessible Websites – What Are the Fundamental Considerations?

Making Accessible Websites

Considering the internet’s global reach, it is important that websites are accessible to all users. The term web accessibility refers to making websites as inclusive as possible to as many users as possible, whether they have disabilities or not.  While this can not sound important to some, it is especially critical for people with disabilities, who make up an estimated 15% of the population globally. We all have a duty to ensure that their needs are met by considering their capabilities when making our sites and apps. A website is …

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Jack Dorsey feels he is “partially to blame” for today’s internet condition

Jack Dorsey - Regret over Twitter

The co-founder and former CEO of Twitter and co-founder and CEO of Block is regretful. Jack Dorsey, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter and co-founder and current CEO of Block (formerly known as Square), recently tweeted that he has regrets about the current state of the internet and that he is “partially to blame” for it. He recently tweeted that he feels guilty about Twitter’s role in the formation of a centralized internet. In the recent tweet from Jack Dorsey, who has already announced his intentions to leave Twitter in…

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