Instagram auto-captions roll out for stories

instagram new feature

The feature provides users with a blue “Captions” option when recording a video or adding a gallery clip. Users recording a video using the Stories camera or uploading a gallery clip they have already saved can soon use the Instagram auto-captions option. The feature is being rolled out to Reels and will be used by simply selection the “Captions” option. The Instagram auto-captions feature has been expected for some time now. The accessibility feature is designed to make it easier for people who are hard of hearing or deaf to…

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Apple privacy changes bring on antitrust complaint by German companies

Apple Privacy Changes - Different iPhone models

The largest media, tech and advertising firms in the country have accused the company of abuse. A group comprised of the largest media, tech and advertising companies in Germany have filed an antitrust abuse complaint over the Apple privacy changes. The accusations are over the new iPhone setting changes the group says will hurt the ads market. There are nine industry associations in the group. These represent companies ranging from Axel Springer to Facebook, according to a Financial Times report citing Bild owner, Die Welt. The complaint was filed with…

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Huawei is no longer on the 5 top smartphone brands list

Top Smartphone - Image of Huawei phone

While it had been predicted, and it was inevitable, it was still eye opening to see the fall. This week, Huawei officially dropped out of the list for the 5 top smartphone brands. The company had been scrambling to beat the tumble, but its drop was inevitable. The legal issues in the United States and global situation before the pandemic hit the company hard. Huawei had been trying to spin the narrative one time after another, but no matter how often it gave it a new direction, its loss of…

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Pandemic spikes popularity of virtual reality travel

Virtual reality travel - person using VR headset

As lockdowns slammed borders and tourism hot spots shut, people continue to want to see the world. Virtual reality travel hasn’t come anywhere close to replacing in-person tourism, but it has rapidly spiked in popularity since the pandemic started. VR technology has made it possible for people to experience sites from around the world, without having to leave a living room. As countries closed borders in response to pandemic waves, people remained curious about the world. That said, just because it wasn’t possible or safe to see the various sites…

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US Army facial recognition tech to be added to base security measures

US Army Facial Recognition - Facial Recognition Technology

The United States Army is requesting proposals for security system installations using the tech. A new US Army facial recognition security system installation request for proposals has been made. The goal is to have the systems installed at all base entry points. The new systems will require integration with the existing Automated Installation Entry system. In this way, the US Army facial recognition tech would be added to enhance the existing Automated Installation Entry system in place at bases across the United States. The tech being sought includes a biometric…

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