Wearable technology predicts onset of epileptic seizures

Wearable technology - Epilepsy

The device can provide the wearer with some advance warning that a seizure will occur. A new wrist-worn wearable technology monitoring device called the Empatica E4 wristband, has been shown to be able to collect data that will forecast epileptic seizures about a half hour before they occur. A preliminary study was conducted by researchers at the Mayo Clinic to verify successful forecasting. The study’s results were published in a paper in the Scientific Reports journal. What the Mayo Clinic researchers were able to find was that the wearable technology…

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Could a parent’s smartphone use be harmful to her toddler?

Smartphone use - Mother using phone

A recent study by Tel Aviv University in Israel suggests a child’s development might be affected. Parents distracted by regular smartphone use are potentially causing long-term developmental damage to toddlers due to the lack of interaction between parent and child. This, according to a newly published study by Tel Aviv University researchers in Israel. The researchers determined that kids get four times less attention when their moms were on their phones. The study found that toddlers who have moms with regular smartphone use receive a reduction in interaction by a…

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Anti-snoring gadget may help Alzheimer’s patients’ cognition

Anti-snoring gadget - Snoring

The idea is that it promotes deep sleep which is vital to clearing waste from the brain. Researchers have been taking a closer look at the potential benefits of an anti-snoring gadget on potential cognitive improvements in Alzheimer’s patients. The device promotes better sleep which makes it easier to clean out the glymphatic system. The anti-snoring gadget benefits focus primarily on improved deep sleep. During that phase, the brain flushes away built-up waste through the glymphatic system’s channel network. Among those waste products include alpha-synuclein and beta-amyloid, which are toxic…

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Smart bandage could help patients with chronic wounds with remote monitoring

Smart Bandage -health technology

Singapore is testing the device and associated app to help reduce unnecessary doctor visits. Singaporean researchers have developed a smart bandage that makes it possible for chronic wound patients to consistently monitor their wounds on an app using a smartphone. The device has the potential to cut down on visits to a doctor, saving time and money. A National University of Singapore research team created the wearable sensor smart bandage. It is a clear adhesive strip that is applied over the wound and is able to track the healing process.…

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FDA authorizes virtual reality pain treatment technology

Virtual reality pain treatment - Technology testing

This new tech is among a number of new digital therapeutics being introduced to the market. The US Food and Drug Administration has given authorization to a new virtual reality pain treatment system to be used as prescription chronic back pain therapy. This new prescription therapy is called EasVRx and is one of several FDA-cleared digital therapeutics. The EaseVRx virtual reality pain treatment system includes a VR headset and a device that boosts the user’s breathing sounds to complement specific breathing exercises. It applies cognitive behavioral therapy principles, which are…

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