Updated information to disinfect your phone in a pandemic affected world

clean phone germs

While some rules have remained the same since the start of the outbreak, updates have been issued. Knowing how to disinfect your phone is always a good idea, but in a pandemic crisis, it becomes particularly important to stay on top of the latest recommended strategies. For the latest information about the COVID-19 pandemic, visit the WHO or CDC website. It’s always a good idea to properly disinfect your phone. It can help you to avoid more than just exposure to the coronavirus (which can remain on your device screen…

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Canada launches COVID Alert app for contact tracing

COVID Alert app in App Store

The application was built using Google and Apple developed Exposure Notification API. Canada has released its official COVID Alert app to its public, which was built using the Exposure Notification API developed by Apple and Google. This same Exposure Notification API is also starting to gain traction in the US. The new application was released by Health Canada, allowing citizens to report positive test results. Health Canada is the country’s department in charge of federal health policy. It is overseen by the Minister of Health. Though it had intended to…

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AI prostate cancer detection algorithm shows 98 percent sensitivity

AI prostate cancer detection - binary code - technology

A study also showed that the artificial intelligence algorithm had 97 percent specificity. Ibex Medical Analytics, a Tel Aviv-based firm, has released data on what it has called the first AI prostate cancer detection algorithm to do more than just detect the presence of tumors. The company said that the algorithm can also grade and size a tumor it has detected. The start-up company has developed a digital pathology system that uses AI prostate cancer detection algorithms for what it has called “outstanding outcomes” in a study to clinically validate…

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Learn How Music Listening Habit Can Improve Mental Health

music can Improve Mental Health

We all know listening to music is an impressive job, but do you know it also makes us healthier. Music can be a source of serenity and pleasure with its many other psychological benefits. A study found that music can influence one’s behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. It can also help you cope with your mental conditions. Nowadays, in different countries, psychiatrists use music therapy to help their patients. Below are some more health benefits of listening to music.  1.     Improve One’s Cognitive Performance Different researches suggest that background music can…

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UV sterilizer devices spike in popularity for keeping gadgets germ-free

UV sterilizer - Virus on phone screen

The pandemic crisis has made people very aware of the importance of cleaning their phones. UV sterilizer gadgets have been taking off in popularity as the pandemic has made people far more aware of how important it is to keep their phones and other devices clean. Most people already knew that their phone screens were far from sanitary before the pandemic. While it was no mystery that all the spots and fingerprints on a screen indicated that a phone wasn’t a clean surface, most people didn’t realize just how many…

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