Eyes on the Cloud: Ensuring Security in the Digital Sky

cloud computing and security business owners should have

Have you ever wondered how much your online existence intertwines with the ethereal realm of data storage? Whether it’s the images you share on social platforms or the files you fashion and store using tools like Google Drive or Dropbox, a substantial portion of your digital footprint hovers aloft on servers dispersed across the globe. Although the cloud bestows myriad conveniences, it concurrently exposes vulnerabilities to your privacy and security if not vigilantly safeguarded. Our escalating dependence on cloud-based services behooves us to tread cautiously, fully aware of the associated…

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How will mobile security be affected by widespread artificial intelligence use?

Generative AI is becoming increasingly popular and will certainly lead to issues with misuse. ChatGPT, Bard, and other generative artificial intelligence tools are rapidly increasing in popularity worldwide, and experts are now bracing for the impact this will have on mobile security. Just as these tools help with productivity and efficiency, they can also pose a serious risk of misuse. Not long after generative AI tools were launched, they had already started to be used for mobile security threats such as malware, many of which have been worked into official…

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Google Calendar adds new working location update

Google Calendar Update

As one of the search giant’s most popular apps for work, this particular option has been missing this feature. Google Calendar is easily one of the most popular apps it has for people to use for work, and it has recently received an update of a helpful feature many people have long waited for. The application helps people to keep track of their scheduled meetings in addition to workflow in general. Though it was already popular several years ago, when the pandemic sent many people home to work, Google Calendar…

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China turns attention to green computing to help meet emissions targets

Green computing - Digital technology - green tree - China land flag

The country is seeking to enhance global digital development and still achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. China is looking to green computing options to help to reduce the carbon emissions associated with data centers, seeking to replace older technologies with improved efficiency and reduced power consumption. China wants to hit its peak emissions by 2030 and turn things around to carbon neutrality by 2060. As a part of this effort to reach those goals, green computing is among the many strategies it intends to deploy. Earlier this month, a development…

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J.Crew launches fashion app giving 2-day heads up on product launches

Fashion app - Model on phone

The application is a spinoff of the brand’s Passport loyalty program that began in August 2022. J.Crew is rolling out the next step in its Passport loyalty program that started in August 2022, by now taking a mobile commerce approach with a fashion app that will provide users with a number of shopping advantages. The application first launched on Monday and was based on the brand’s customer behaviors. The fashion app’s inspiration came from the retailer’s customer behaviors, said Derek Yarbrough, J.Crew CMO. In the last year, over two out…

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