Ubisoft is developing a VR game for fighting the Notre-Dame fire

VR game - Notre Dame Fire

The French company will have players joining the Parisian firefighters to battle the cathedral’s 2019 blaze. Ubisoft is reportedly developing a VR game in which players will join the Parisian firefighters that battled the massive 2019 blaze that devastated the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral. The virtual reality experience is designed to be an hour long and is made in partnership with a docudrama. According to a Variety report, Ubisoft is developing the VR game to provide a one-hour virtual reality experience associated with an IMAX docudrama directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud,…

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Wearable technology predicts onset of epileptic seizures

Wearable technology - Epilepsy

The device can provide the wearer with some advance warning that a seizure will occur. A new wrist-worn wearable technology monitoring device called the Empatica E4 wristband, has been shown to be able to collect data that will forecast epileptic seizures about a half hour before they occur. A preliminary study was conducted by researchers at the Mayo Clinic to verify successful forecasting. The study’s results were published in a paper in the Scientific Reports journal. What the Mayo Clinic researchers were able to find was that the wearable technology…

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Alexa voice assistant and Webex are headed to the moon with NASA

Alexa voice assistant - Moon

Amazon and Cisco’s products will board the deep-space rocket on the upcoming Moon mission. NASA will be launching its huge new deep-space rocket for the first time this year, and when it does, Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and Cisco’s Webex videoconferencing platform will be going too. A version of each technology will be included on the space flight as a part of a tech demonstration. Part of the goal for bringing the Alexa voice assistant and Webex videoconferencing platform into space is to see how these tools might be beneficial…

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Classic BlackBerry has officially come to an end, says company

Classic BlackBerry

The old reliable smartphones that created the market that eventually killed them stopped working yesterday. Though there were still a surprising number of classic BlackBerry phones still in use, according to the company, they all officially stopped working on Tuesday. The cessation of the software and infrastructure marked the end of an era for the Canadian tech company. The company, based in Waterloo, Ontario, officially cut off the software and infrastructure the classic BlackBerry smartphones needed to operate. Users who were still holding onto their old reliable devices were finally…

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Indestructible Earth’s Black Box to gather a record of climate data for humanity

Black Box - Climate Change

The massive structure is meant to be able to outlive humankind in the hopes that it won’t have to. Earth’s Black Box is being built in the Australian state of Tasmania to gather a record of open-source climate data stored in an indestructible structure the size of a bus. The recorders within the structure will store any new climate publications, headlines or even tweets. Every time new climate research is published, Earth’s Black Box will record it. It will also take in all news headlines, tweets and other content on…

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