Ambercycle mini QR codes tell history of recycled clothing

Mini QR codes - QR code on clothing tag

The garment recycling start-up is letting the quick response codes share the fabric backstory. A garment recycling start-up from Los Angeles called Ambercycle has started adding mini QR codes to its labels. The purpose is to make it possible for shoppers and customers to use their phones to scan and access online portals providing the details of how and where that specific article of clothing was made. The barcode is printed on the tags with the assistance of Avery Dennison in Glendale. That company provides the suite of online tools…

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Virtual reality technology messes with your perception of time

Virtual Reality technology - Person playing VR Game

New research shows that a VR user’s sense of time is affected while playing games in this format. Research conducted by UC Santa Cruz researchers has determined that virtual reality technology users suffer a notably larger distortion to their perception of time than users of traditional screens. The concept behind the study was raised by then cognitive science undergraduate Grayson Mullen. Mullen experienced the distortion himself while using virtual reality technology and it caught his interest. Though he already knew that existing research showed that video games can cause players…

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Vaccine QR codes to function as passports in Quebec, Canada

Vaccine QR Codes - Vaccine and needle

The Canadian province’s economy minister says they may be required for going to work, restaurants. The Canadian province of Quebec will start offering vaccine QR codes as digital proof of vaccination this week. Initial reports released very little information regarding the details of their use. The hope is that businesses in the province will be able to use the quick response codes for safety. The vaccine QR codes on the digital passports could be used for improving the safety of workplaces. This would be the case both for staff and…

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European Space Agency teaching artificial intelligence to avoid space junk

Artificial intelligence - Space Junk around Earth

The new AI-driven system is being developed to help reduce the risk of orbital collision. The European Space Agency (ESA) is working on a system using artificial intelligence that will help to be able to avoid collisions with the rapidly growing amount of space junk littering the near-Earth environment. European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) spacecraft controllers conduct maneuvers every 2 weeks. These ESOC maneuvers are required every couple of weeks in order to keep equipment safe from collision threats from orbiting space junk. The controllers out of Darmstadt, Germany are…

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Disney MagicMobile launches for MagicBand function on Apple Watch and iPhone

Disney MagicMobile - person wearing Apple Watch

The entertainment giant has announced the digital pass and wallet support for Apple devices. MagicBand support is now available through Disney MagicMobile on iPhone and the Apple Watch for theme park guests using those devices. The technology can be used by guests to Disney World and who use compatible Apple devices. The Disney MagicMobile service uses the Wallet app in Apple Watch and iPhones, allowing them to function like the brand’s MagicBands. The MagicBand is a colorful plastic wristband with tech components, allowing Walt Disney World guests to use it…

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