Living robots are now able to reproduce, say US scientists

First Living RoFirst Living Robots - AsapSCIENCE YouTubebots - AsapSCIENCE YouTube

The Xenobots are able to achieve reproduction and do so in a way that animals and plants do not. The American scientists behind Xenobots, the first living robots, have announced that these synthetic life forms are now able to reproduce. Moreover, they do it in a way that is not seen in either plants or animals. The Xenobots were created out of African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis) stem cells. The living robots are under one millimeter (0.04 inches) wide. They look like small blobs and were initially unveiled in 2020…

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iPhone is now the largest smartphone brand in China

Largest smartphone brand - iPhone - China Flag

Apple’s smartphone has become the top selling phone in the most populated country in the world. The sale of Apple’s iPhone rose by 46 percent month over month in China during October 2021, making it the largest smartphone brand in the country. This is a substantial achievement for Apple, as China is a highly competitive market with a massive population. Apple had already been in the lead for global smartphone profits, according to Counterpoint Research, which announced the company’s position as the largest smartphone brand in China. At the same…

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Jack Dorsey steps down as Twitter CEO effective immediately

Twitter CEO - Twitter phone

The company announced the move by the cofounder of the social media microblogging platform. Jack Dorsey is no longer the Twitter CEO, following the company’s announcement of his resignation, which he also tweeted from his own account. Dorsey will remain a member of the company’s board at least until 2022. The resignation as Twitter CEO was effective immediately, as the public face of the company, its co-founder, stated at the start of this week. Still, he will remain a member of the board at least to close out the year,…

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France requests removal of Wish from app stores and search engines

App stores - App removal request

The country wants the popular e- and mobile commerce application removed and the website hidden. A number of French ministers together issued a statement through which they are asking top search engines and mobile app stores to remove consumer access to Wish, the popular e- and mobile commerce platform. The application and website work as a marketplace so merchants can sell and ship directly to customers. The reason the French ministers want Wish taken down from app stores and search engines is that they say that the platform makes it…

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How Online Tools Can Help You Succeed in Business

Business Online Tools

When you’re in business, it serves you well to be aware of all the tools at your disposal. Knowledge is power, after all, and having this much knowledge behind you can allow you to make well-informed decisions about how you should proceed. Thinking in the long-term is the right approach here, and this is an opportunity to practice that. Most of the tools at your disposal in the modern age will be that of the online variety. The internet is an invention that has integrated itself firmly into global society,…

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