Apple is working on artificial intelligence to enhance Siri

Artificial intelligence - Apple - Siri

Though the iPhone maker has been tight lipped about its AI, everyone expects it

As is typically the case when it comes to projects it hasn’t officially announced, Apple hasn’t said much about its progress with artificial intelligence, though few have any doubt that it is up to its eyeballs in AI research.

Just because Apple isn’t talking, doesn’t mean AI isn’t happening

Apple hasn’t simply absented itself from the artificial intelligence race that its competitors have been scrambling to keep up with.  The iPhone maker nearly never talks about any technology it is developing until an official unveiling takes place.  Most advance announcements about its technology arrive in the form of rumor or anonymous leaks.

Artificial intelligence - Siri

That said, in the case of AI, not much has slipped out from sources within the company, giving the overall impression that it was tinkering with the tech as opposed to moving forward with substantial teams and resources.

However, in recent months, reports and rumors have been growing that Apple is working on something big, it is simply being meticulous when it comes to timing its official announcements and unveilings.

Apple has been working on Ajax, its own artificial intelligence model

Reports have been swirling in recent weeks that Apple has been in talks with Google and OpenAI in order to power some of its AI features with their technology. That said, the company has also been developing its own AI model, known as Ajax.

Piecing together the information that has been available about the company’s activities in this category, it starts to become increasingly clear that it likely won’t be long before Apple unveils at least some of its AI approach and launches a version of the technology. 

When it comes to speculation from tech experts, the prediction is nearly unanimous that Siri is about to get a notable update and that it is going to involve AI. In fact, it has already been nicknamed Better Siri.  Furthermore, it’s broadly believed that the first announcement regarding the way the tech will first be released to the public will be announced in June at the WWDC annual developer conference.

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