Fitbit users really weren’t shocked about this mobile wallet warning

Mobile wallet - Person wearing older Fitbit model with warning sign

The fitness tracker’s users were recently notified that the will be required to switch to Google Wallet

Fitbit users knew that the change was coming, so when they received an email and/or notification telling them that they would need to switch to the mobile wallet of the gadget’s parent company, nobody was all that shocked.

Fitbit Pay is shutting down and Google Wallet will take over

Ever since Google acquired Fitbit, device wearers have been waiting for the announcement that the parent company would be using its own branded version mobile wallet instead of the existing Fitbit Pay that was introduced with the launch of contactless transactions in many of the devices. The date of the change has been announced as July 29.  Fitbit Pay users will be required to switch to a Google Wallet account or will no longer be able to use the devices for that purpose. 

Mobile wallet - person using wearable device to pay - Google Wallet logo

While some users have rolled their eyes, others acknowledge that it could be beneficial as it will allow them to access additional cards and faster checkouts while using the same wearable technology.

The mobile wallet change is one of many Google has started to make

When Fitbit was initially acquired by Google, the company didn’t make any large changes to the brand. Its fans were numerous and loyal. That said, nobody was surprised that the changes would need to arrive eventually. It’s what Google does.

Therefore, instead of simply wiping out the features Fitbit users were accustomed to and replacing them with its own, it started implementing options gradually. It didn’t cease the existence of Fitbit Pay right away, but instead offered Google Wallet as an alternative option for those who wanted to try it. Similarly, it has offered login support and other alternative choices from under the Google umbrella. 

The goal is to transition all Fitbit accounts to Google by next year.  This will include logging in using Google accounts, paying using the company’s mobile wallet, and other similar swaps.  That said, unlike some of the other features that will hang in there until the end, Fitbit Pay will no longer exist as of July 29, 2024.

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