Black Friday shoppers looked to mobile commerce in record numbers this year

Mobile commerce - Black Friday Sale on smartphone

Consumers overall looked to the internet to provide them with the deals they wanted from the sales. This year, online shopping on Black Friday rose by 7.5 percent over last year on the same day, including buying on laptops, computers and mobile commerce. Total estimated sales on the one day were $9.8 billion in the United States, said Adobe Analytics. This is a further indication that online and mobile commerce are highly appealing to consumers and that they will look there first for many of the deals they’re hunting for.…

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BLIK mobile payments expands from Poland to Romania and Slovakia

Mobile payments - Romania, Slovakia, Poland Flags

The system will be crossing borders with the introduction of DXC Technology, aiming to expand further. Leading Fortune 500 global tech services provider DXC Technology has been tapped to offer support to the expansion of the Polish Payment Standard (aka Polski Standard Płatności, PSP) mobile payments system BLIK as it moves into Slovakia and Romania. The idea is to modernize the BLIK central system and adapt it to meet Romanian and Slovakian standards. DXC will be responsible for making certain that BLIK will be capable of processing transactions in both…

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iPhone battery replacement: how much will it help?

iphone battery life

Exploring Options for iPhone Battery Replacement: Costs, Locations, and DIY Alternatives Daily use of the device exhausts its internal parts. All parts gradually become unusable. One of these parts is the battery. It is the battery that is subjected to heavy loads and loses its life expectancy the fastest.  Weather conditions and temperature changes affect battery life. Full-loaded tasks put additional strain on the device. Watching videos in high resolution, playing 3D games and other computing processes require a good amount of power. But even if the phone is used…

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Apple sued over mobile payments market competition abuse allegations

Mobile payments - Apple - Lawsuit

Venmo and Cash App customers have filed a class action lawsuit against the iPhone maker. PayPal’s Venmo and Block’s Cash App customers have sued Apple Inc. in a proposed class action lawsuit accusing the iPhone maker of having required consumers to pay “rapidly inflating prices” by manipulating mobile payments market competition. The class action lawsuit was filed by four customers from Georgia, Hawaii, New York and South Carolina. The mobile payments competition lawsuit was filed in a San Jose, California federal court. The filing accuses Apple of having violated US…

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Artificial intelligence influencer from Spain earns huge monthly income

Artificial intelligence - Influencer on Social Media

25-year-old Aitana is a successful model from Barcelona and is entirely digital using AI. The Clueless, an influencer agency from Barcelona, Spain, created a model using artificial intelligence, and she has proven to be highly successful, earning as much as $11,000 per month. The creators of the model, Aitana, refer to her as the first Spanish AI model. The agency decided to create the artificial intelligence influencer model because they found that real-life human influencers and models were too difficult to work with and were unreliable overall. “We did it…

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