Google AI search experience made available to more users

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More users are to gain access to a touch of the tech giant’s artificial intelligence features.

A larger number of Google users could soon be trying out a bit of the company’s AI search capabilities, as it slowly continues its quiet expansion of its Search Generative Experience (SGE).

SGE is being rolled out without any fanfare to some non-test users

SGE shows up as a brightly colored text pop-up immediately under the typical search field on Google.  At the moment, users who are granted access to the AI search option also see a warning about generative artificial intelligence.

AI search - Warning

The results assisted by SGE are sorted by the query content itself, not by the request made by the user. Essentially, it provides a summary of the search results in addition to answers that have been simplified.  This pretty much converts the service into a prompt form for a chatbot crawler.

The AI search features have started appearing months after they were first announced.

Users gaining access to this feature will not need to opt in to use it. Instead, they will see only a pop-up for a “subset of queries, on a small percentage of search traffic in the US.”

Testing the feature in this way could help the company to define precisely which direction it will be taking in this part of its future.  According to recent media reports, the results being produced through its use are testing the way its artificial intelligence provides “more complex” queries with responses.

Throughout the last year, Google has been working on conducting a substantial update to its Search, which includes new features in Chrome, a commitment to removing “low quality” spam content from among the results it produces, and the introduction of artificial intelligence components.

The AI search feature at Google was first announced last year in May. That said, that was only an announcement of the existence of the feature, and not an actual release for users.

It appears that the feature has progressed to the point that it needs to be tested with non-test users. This will allow the company to obtain feedback directly from users who hadn’t specifically opted in for use of SGE.

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