Google Calendar adds new working location update

Google Calendar Update

As one of the search giant’s most popular apps for work, this particular option has been missing this feature. Google Calendar is easily one of the most popular apps it has for people to use for work, and it has recently received an update of a helpful feature many people have long waited for. The application helps people to keep track of their scheduled meetings in addition to workflow in general. Though it was already popular several years ago, when the pandemic sent many people home to work, Google Calendar…

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Online shopping gets virtual try-on feature with new Google launch

Online shopping - Young Woman trying on clothes for a friend

The new feature has already been rolled out with a limited number of brands currently supporting it. Google has launched a new online shopping feature meant to help consumers to better understand how clothing will fit them. The feature is immediately available for all users, though only a limited number of brands support it. Among the brands that support the new online shopping feature include LOFT, H&M, Everlane, and Anthropologie, among a few others. It has been rolled out in Google’s Shopping tab and makes it possible for users to…

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Android 14 rumored to include new battery health features

Android 14 - Person using mobile phone

These have been missing on phones and tablets running on Google’s mobile operating system. The Battery Health feature native to iOS devices has been missing on those running on Google’s operating system until now, but Android 14 is rumored to have its own version coming up. When the new final version of the operating system is released, it is expected to bring battery health. Once Android 14 is finalized and ready to go, it’s expected to include battery health features to its users. This is a long-awaited option for users…

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Google Wallet seeks to replace almost all your payment and ID cards

Google Wallet - Image of Google Building

The app is working on letting users replace all the plastic cards they usually carry with them. Google has announced that its Google Wallet is nearly ready for a substantial line of new features that will expand the way it can be used. The announcement was recently made on the company’s Keyword Blog. According to the search giant, Google Wallet users will be able to further reduce the amount they’re carrying among their physical cards. The app will increasingly allow cards to be scanned so that their plastic alternatives won’t…

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Original Chromecast quietly loses Google support

Original Chromecast - Support stopped

The first of the decade-old gadget will no longer receive any software or security updates. Google has decided to quietly end support for its original Chromecast, about ten years after the streaming stick’s initial launch in 2013. The notification of the end of the support for the gadget appeared on a number of Google support pages. “Support for Chromecast (1st gen) has ended,” said the notice about the original Chromecast’s end of support from Google. “These devices no longer receive software or security updates, and Google does not provide technical…

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