Google promises to develop its Bard AI chatbot ethically

AI Chatbot - Business Ethics

The company says its artificial intelligence will be developed with care as it is launched in 180 countries. Google is rolling out its AI chatbot Bard throughout 180 countries worldwide while promising that it will be developing this technology ethically. Bard had initially rolled out exclusively in the US and UK, but it has announced a broader rollout. Last week at the annual I/O conference, Google made an announcement that it would be opening up its AI chatbot to many more countries worldwide. While this is big news, it has…

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Google rolls out passkeys to all accountholders

Passkeys - Passkey on keyboard

This represents the first very largescale step in the transition toward using this password alternative. Google has announced a major step forward in the transition away from passwords by letting its personal accountholders log in using passkeys instead. The feature recently launched to all Google accounts, letting users turn the feature on if they want to. Billions of accounts now have the passkeys option available to users who actively seek out the feature and turn it on. According to Google, it plans to promote the password alternative in coming months.…

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Apple and Google collaborate on digital privacy effort to address unwanted tracking

Digital privacy - Partnership

The technology giants are accepting input from advocacy groups and industry participants. Location-tracking devices have become extremely commonplace as consumers use them to make it easier to find everything from luggage to their car keys, but digital privacy has become a serious concern. These gadgets can relatively easily be misused by wrongdoers for unwanted tracking of others. As a result, Apple and Google submitted a joint proposal for industry specifications that could help to combat the misuse of tracking gadgets using Bluetooth technology for unwanted tracking and threatening personal and…

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‘Godfather of AI’ resigns from Google with worries about artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence - Google - I Quit

Nobel Prize of computing-winner Geoffrey Hinton expressed fear and regret over his work in AI. One of the “Godfathers of AI,” Geoffrey Hinton, has quit his job at Google in order to be able to speak openly about his concerns over the risks of artificial intelligence. Hinton won the Turing Award in 2018 with two other people for work leading to today’s AI. After having spent much of his life developing the foundational technology that has brought about the current artificial intelligence boom, Hinton has left his Google job so…

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Wear OS 3 smartwatch now compatible with Google Home

Google Home - Smart Speaker

Wearers can now use check who is at the door by taking a glance at their wrists. A new Google Home app update has made it possible for Wear OS 3 smartwatch users to view rich notifications from their other gadgets such as their video doorbell or smart camera. The update has been a long time coming and was announced in a recent blog post from the company. The feature arrived as a component of the Google Home Public Preview. The company used a blog post to announce that it…

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