OpenAI CEO faces Senate Judiciary Committee over artificial intelligence’s future

OpenAI - Judge - Law - Gavel

Sam Altman gave his testimony as part of a broad-view conversation over the future of AI. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI and creator of ChatGPT recently testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding the big picture of artificial intelligence’s future. The technology has advanced at rocket speeds, leading Congress to seek to understand what it entails. Only months after OpenAI and ChatGPT began making serious headlines, Congress has made a rare move to try to ensure that Washington can keep up with the speed of the innovations coming out of…

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Canadian study uses artificial intelligence technology to track student substance abuse

Artificial intelligence technology - Young people with drugs

University of Waterloo researchers used AI to monitor trends among high school students. A team of researchers from the University of Waterloo in Canada is using artificial intelligence technology to conduct an analysis of a large, complex public health dataset in order to track substance abuse trends among students in high school. The study employed machine learning from 2016 through 2019 in order to assess a number of factors. Among the dataset factors analyzed by the artificial intelligence technology included those relating to the use of alcohol and other patterns…

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Artificial intelligence in France spots 20,000 undeclared swimming pools

Artificial intelligence - Home Pool

Tax authorities in the country say that AI has helped them to collect an additional €10 million. French tax officials have announced that through the use of artificial intelligence technology, they have been able to detect thousands of undeclared swimming pools, making it possible for them to collect an additional €10 million. The AI software used aerial image data to detect the pools and whether they had been declared. The French authorities used the artificial intelligence technology along with aerial imagery and tax data to determine whether pools were located…

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Panera Bread trials drive-through artificial intelligence technology

Artificial Intelligence Technology - Panera Bread Restaurant

Two locations in upstate New York are giving the tech a try for taking orders from customers. Earlier this week, Panera Bread launched a test of artificial intelligence technology at two of its locations in upstate New York. The AI will be used to allow a computer to take drive-through orders. The test is meant to gauge how accurate and able the tech is in taking orders from customers in real life. The company is hoping to use the tests to determine just how accurate orders taken using artificial intelligence…

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Artificial intelligence software can help workers decide if they’re being adequately paid

Artificial intelligence software - Earning - Money

A Stanford researcher has been training AI to predict what a person’s future earnings will be. A researcher from Stanford has been training artificial intelligence software to forecast what a person’s future earnings might be along their current path and help them to decide what a more valuable skillset might be. The researcher wants the AI to help people to better understand the future of a given career path. Employers often withhold salaries at the application stage of the hiring process. That said, Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence researchers…

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