New Microsoft artificial intelligence unit hire is a co-founder of DeepMind

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The technology giant has named Mustafa Suleiman director of the newly created consumer AI unit.

Microsoft has taken a substantial step in strengthening its artificial intelligence side by naming one of Google’s DeepMind co-founders Mustafa Suleiman the director of the company’s new consumer AI unit.

Suleiman was critical to DeepMind over a decade ago

British entrepreneur Suleiman was a core participant in DeepMind’s founding in London in 2010 when it was first created. Suleiman will work under Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s guidance in taking the lead of a new artificial intelligence division within the company. This will involve bringing together a number of consumer-oriented products such as Bing, Edge, Copilot, and GenAI under a single name, which will be Microsoft AI, according to a recent announcement published by the company.

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This is the tech giant’s latest step forward in leveraging the rapidly growing potential of generative AI. The company’s efforts to rapidly integrate OpenAI tech into its products has bolstered its position as a top participant int the AI race going on in the tech world. It has been able to consistently stay ahead of top rivals, including Google.

Microsoft has been committed to artificial intelligence beyond investing in OpenAI

Beyond OpenAI, Microsoft has also shown its dedication to AI technology by investing in a number of other startups focused on this tech, including French company Mistral. This strategy toward innovation in the category aligns with Microsoft’s integration of AI assistants into its core products such as its Office software, Windows operating system, and cybersecurity features.

Suleiman is expected to take the newly created consumer artificial intelligence unit he will be leading – nicknamed the Soloman Unit – into ambitious new directions through projects committed to enhancing the way AI tech is integrated throughout Microsoft’s products.

Among these efforts will include integration of an AI version for Copilot within the Windows operating system, while enhancing the Bing search engine functionality with generative AI.

By keeping itself at the very front of the AI innovation wave, the company’s intention is not only to boost the experience its customers have when using its products, but also to push adoption and integration of the technology even further, across other industries.

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