EU may soon require smartphone companies to include removable batteries

Removable batteries - Person removing battery from smartphone

A new law could mean that device makers have to bring back this long-eliminated feature. A new EU law might mean that smartphone companies will be required to make their products with removable batteries. The law is meant to make it easier for people to keep their product and replace only the battery. The removable batteries law was created to make it easier for consumers to replace the power packs in their products. This is a part of a broader effort being made in the EU to extend the lifespan…

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Canon unveils virtual reality camera prototype for consumers

Virtual reality - Image of Canon Camera

The new gadget first met the public at Photo Next 2023 as a consumer concept device. Canon stood out from among the eighty-five other companies exhibiting recently at the Photo Next 2023 photography trade show in Japan, when it unveiled its virtual reality consumer camera concept. Beyond the fact that it could record in VR, it was also a folding hybrid concept camera. The folding hybrid concept virtual reality camera is able to capture 180º stereoscopic and 360º monoscopic pictures and videos. When the device is in its folded position,…

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Apple mixed reality Vision Pro goggles unveiled to varied response

Vision Pro Goggles - Introducing Apple Vision Pro - Apple YouTube

While some raved about the potential of the device, others were far more skeptical or concerned. It’s not unusual for technology to receive a mixed response these days, but there was a particularly large variety of responses to the official unveiling of the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality goggles. Among the leading concerns expressed had to do with increased trends toward isolation. The Apple Vision Pro goggles are designed to provide both an augmented reality and virtual reality experience. When in augmented reality mode, the wearer can see the real…

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Android 14 rumored to include new battery health features

Android 14 - Person using mobile phone

These have been missing on phones and tablets running on Google’s mobile operating system. The Battery Health feature native to iOS devices has been missing on those running on Google’s operating system until now, but Android 14 is rumored to have its own version coming up. When the new final version of the operating system is released, it is expected to bring battery health. Once Android 14 is finalized and ready to go, it’s expected to include battery health features to its users. This is a long-awaited option for users…

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Meta squeaks new VR headset unveiling in before Apple’s

VR headset - Meta Unveiling

Zuckerberg announced the Meta Quest 3 only days ahead of Apple’s scheduled announcement. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta CEO, took the opportunity to unveil the company’s latest VR headset, the Quest 3, just ahead of when Apple is expected to make a similar unveiling. The new virtual reality device will start at $499, according to a video Zuckerberg posted on Instagram. In Zuckerberg’s post, he pointed out that the new Meta VR headset will be the first one with “high-res color mixed reality.” Those interested in the technology will also be interested…

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