Is the blood glucose tracking wearable technology trend worthwhile?

Wearable technology - Blood Glucose Tracking gadget

What many influencers are saying is in direct contradiction with what medical experts advise. Wearable technology from fitness trackers to smartwatches, bracelets and rings have become immensely popular, and now glucose monitors have added themselves into the mix. Many devices worn on the skin have been developed to provide feedback about glucose levels. That said, as much as these are showing up across social media and influencers are raving about all the data they’re gaining through minute-to-minute glucose monitoring, medical experts are not as excited by this wearable technology trend.…

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Apple Vision Pro 2 virtual reality goggles to be brighter and more efficient

Virtual reality goggles - Rumors Apple

Rumors are pointing to displays that will feature better brightness and a boost in efficiency. The Vision Pro 2, the second generation of Apple’s virtual reality headset is expected to have a more advanced micro-OLED display, which will provide the user with higher brightness and enhanced efficiency, according to the Omdia market research firm. That said, don’t expect that many of these changes will be arriving right away, as they are still in development. According to the publication, Apple’s intention for upgrading the Vision Pro virtual reality goggles will be…

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LG artificial intelligence robot unveiled

Artificial intelligence - AI Robot - Pets

The “AI Agent” was designed to provide home and pet monitoring to its owners. LG has unveiled its new artificial intelligence robot called the “AI Agent”, which can greet its owner at the door, provide home and pet monitoring, and even conduct an analysis of an individual’s mood. The product was first announced ahead of CES 2024, calling it an “all-around home manager and companion.” This artificial intelligence robot is mainly designed for home and pet monitoring but has other features as well. According to LG, it will be expressive…

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Mice wear tiny virtual reality goggles so researchers can learn about them

Virtual reality - concept image of lab mice wearing VR headsets

The gadgets allow scientists to develop better experiments so they can better understand them. Researchers have announced that they have developed a way to outfit lab mice with virtual reality goggles that will allow those researchers to learn a considerable amount about the rodents. The technology does sound odd, but it has a range of highly practical applications for research. Scientists plan to use the new virtual reality technology to better understand the way mice respond to things they typically experience in the wild, such as predatory birds. Though this…

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Full body tracking virtual reality takes HTC to a new level

Virtual Reality - Fully Body Tech

The company developed the technology to be embedded into VR headsets instead of body equipment. HTC has announced a new tech development in virtual reality that allows headsets to provide full body tracking with the Vive Ultimate Trackers. The technology would make it possible to eliminate the need for those weird legless avatars. Tracking technology has been some of the most important advancements in virtual reality. It provides a measurement of movement of the head as well as other parts of the body, typically the hands. The addition of tracking…

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