iOS 18’s anticipated generative AI feature might not be Apple’s

Generative AI - Apple iPhone

The iPhone 16 could end up having artificial intelligence features through another tech brand

Apple’s next operating system, iOS 18, is expected to be the first to come with generative AI features, but many are predicting that if this software is available, it might not be a product developed by Apple itself.

Apple has been talking with other generative AI developers

Apple has reportedly been in talks with OpenAI, Google, and other companies that have more established generative AI products and may be considering the integration of those features into the newest version of iOS instead of adding one it developed on its own.  There are many who believe that it would be notably more advantageous for Apple to choose that route than to release its own artificial intelligence features, even if there are some downsides to face.

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Previously, it had been assumed that Apple would be bringing its own artificial intelligence to the operating system, and that this would be based on MGIE, LLM, and machine learning research reportedly being conducted by the iPhone maker itself. That said, it looks as though this might not be the case, at least not for iOS 18. 

There have reportedly been talks between Apple and Google, OpenAI, and Anthropic

It appears as though it is far more likely that a version of a product from one of those players would be incorporated into the new operating system, instead of one that is 100 percent Apple.

In fact, increasingly, it appears that Google’s Gemini could be the winning tech contributor.

Though this might sound as though it is counter-intuitive for a brand such as Apple, there are some potential advantages that could outweigh the downsides.

This includes the amount of money that could be made on licenses for searches using generative AI. Moreover, it allows the iPhone maker to sidestep setting aside substantial cloud services and infrastructure by instead having a third party provide them.

Furthermore, if it turns out that the generative AI technology reduces privacy or security levels in user devices once it has been installed, the blame can be shifted to the artificial intelligence tech provider.

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