Tech giants play substantial role in mobile payments

Mobile payments - POS Terminal paying with phone

A new CFPB report underscores the influence of such players as Apple and Google. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has issued a new report underscoring the impact of tech giants, their policies and practices on mobile payments adoption, use, and trends. This is particularly true of technology allowing tap-to-pay functionality on smartphones and watches. The way these companies choose to behave has had a direct impact on access to mobile payments. For instance, Apple currently bans payment apps and banks from being able to access the Apple iOS device…

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Apple unveils the next iPhone, which will indeed have a USB-C charging port

Next iPhone - Apple Logo and USB-C cables

The smartphone has been using a proprietary cable port since it first hit the market. Apple recently unveiled its next iPhone and product lineup and while there were lots of new features worthy of the spotlight, there was one very simple one that drew the most attention, and that was its switch to standard USB-C charging ports. The move was made primarily in response to a new regulation in EU banning proprietary charging cables. The next iPhone still has a lot to live up to. The smartphone makes up nearly…

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Apple launches WeChat mobile commerce store

Mobile commerce - WeChat and Apple

The iPhone maker has announced that it has opened a shop on Tencent’s messaging app in China. Apple recently announced that it has launched a new mobile commerce store in China on Tencent’s WeChat messaging app. This is the latest step the iPhone maker has taken to expand its retail channels in the country. China’s massive market represents a tremendous opportunity for Apple, which is making a number of moves to make itself more present in the country. The iPhone giant is using mobile commerce as its latest strategy to…

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Apple doesn’t like the term artificial intelligence, though it does love machine learning

Artificial intelligence - Apple Logo

At this year’s WWDC, the company avoided AI as a subject at all, though did reference machine learning. Based on technology trends already taking off at an explosive rate, it was natural to think that artificial intelligence would be a major topic of focus at the WWDC, but that was not exactly the case. Presenters were not at all inclined to discuss AI, though “machine learning” did have its mentions. At no point during the Apple WWDC did presenters bring up artificial intelligence, which appeared to be the exact opposite…

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Apple mixed reality Vision Pro goggles unveiled to varied response

Vision Pro Goggles - Introducing Apple Vision Pro - Apple YouTube

While some raved about the potential of the device, others were far more skeptical or concerned. It’s not unusual for technology to receive a mixed response these days, but there was a particularly large variety of responses to the official unveiling of the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality goggles. Among the leading concerns expressed had to do with increased trends toward isolation. The Apple Vision Pro goggles are designed to provide both an augmented reality and virtual reality experience. When in augmented reality mode, the wearer can see the real…

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