Will the Threads app really be the ‘friendly’ place Meta says it will?

Threads app - Person smiling using phone

As millions of users continue to download the application, it is unclear what shape it will take. Mark Zuckerberg has given his official pitch of Meta’s new Threads app – the company’s alternative to Twitter – promising that it will be a “friendly” place users can enjoy for public online discourse. This markets the application as a distinctly different experience from its rival Twitter. Twitter, owned by billionaire Elon Musk, has earned a reputation as a place where anger is heavy, and arguments and trolling are a regular occurrence. If…

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Threads app briefly appears on Google Play as Meta’s Twitter rival

Threads app - Smartphone with Google Play displayed

Screenshots showed that users would be able to log in to the Twitter competitor using an Instagram account. Recent screenshots showed that the Threads app, Meta’s competition for Twitter, briefly appeared on Google Play at the start of July. Alessandro Paluzzi, a developer who commonly spots unreleased features buried in code, shared the images. According to the screenshots, people will be able to sign into the Threads app by logging in with their Instagram account. Moreover, from there, they can sync the accounts they follow from one application to the…

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Unilever and TikTok partner on mobile marketing campaign

Mobile marketing - partnership - cleaning supplies

The massive corporation and the video-based social network collaborated on the #CleanTok content series. Unilever and TikTok have partnered to create and curate content together for the specific purpose of a mobile marketing campaign that will reach cleaning fans worldwide. The #CleanTok campaign is a collaboration between Unilever, Mindshare, Gravity Road, and TikTok. Together, the companies will be releasing a number of dedicated content for #CleanTok, as a part of a series including program activations. This mobile marketing campaign is expected to continue for 40 weeks. There will be a…

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As frustration with AI chatbots rises, Instagram DMs is likely only adding more

AI Chatbots - Meta logo - AI mobile

Recently leaked images suggested there will be 30 artificial intelligence personalities with which to interact. Meta has joined the growing number of companies that are testing the integration of AI chatbots into social media apps, according to recently leaked images circulating the media. For the simultaneously growing number of people who have been trying to stay away from interacting with artificial intelligence, this is going to make things much more frustrating. The news was originally shared by Alessandro Paluzi, a leaker on Twitter, who shared a screenshot. #Instagram is working…

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Customers are done with QR code menus, so restaurants are getting rid of them

QR code menus - Ordering at a Restaurant

Though helpful throughout the pandemic, diners are no longer interested in scanning barcodes. QR code menus may have been helpful and popular throughout the worst of the pandemic, but restaurant customers are no longer interested in scanning, and those businesses are taking notice. Many restaurants are switching back to physical menus, because their customers prefer them. A recent The New York Times report showed that restaurants are dumping the QR code menus they had been using throughout the worst of the pandemic, because their customers simply don’t want to use…

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