QR codes help bide time before NFC takes off

QR Codes vs. NFC mobie marketing

Inexpensive, simple, and familiar barcodes are filling the gap until other technologies step up. QR codes are appearing virtually everywhere, these days, from fliers to magazine ads and from product packages to tourism information locations. Due to their ease and familiarity among consumers, they are being very broadly used. While near field communication (NFC) continues to drag its heels, QR codes are stepping up to make sure that the void is filled. Though the former seems to be receiving a lot of the positive press, and is the center of…

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QR codes are a natural complement to mcommerce coupons

Mobile Coupons with QR Codes

Discount programs are highly effective when used in conjunction with quick response barcodes. Though the actual use of coupons isn’t anything new, and even QR codes are reaching the point that they’ve been around long enough to be a part of mainstream mcommerce, what is only just being discovered is how well these two techniques work together. Consumers clearly enjoy receiving offers for discounts, and smartphones only add convenience. Coupons are an opportunity that both merchants and consumers can enjoy and that brings them both benefits. Consumers are able to…

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How to improve your mobile marketing strategy

Mobile Marketing for Small Business Owners

Taking advantage of what mobile marketing has to offer is an important opportunity presented to businesses of all size from this technology. However, like any marketing strategy, mobile must be done properly in order to be effective. Mobile is a highly effective channel for communicating with and engaging customers and it gives businesses the chance to broaden their audience and, therefore, their customer base. Moreover, it can provide a tremendous contribution to the expansion and accessibility of the awareness of a brand. In that pursuit, the following tips can help…

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ComScore report shows the rise of QR codes and provides insights to their successful use

QR Codes check in

ComScore, a market and research firm that specializes in digital business analytics has released a new report titled “2012 Mobile Future in Focus.” The report aims to provide insight as to why QR codes are becoming so popular and where they are seeing the most success. Indeed, the codes have become a popular method of mobile marketing in the U.S. and Europe, mimicking the rise to fame the barcodes experienced in the Asian markets. ComScore believes that the popularity of the codes will continue to grow, meaning that more companies…

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QR codes find love with local business mobile marketers

QR Code Statistics

Mobile marketing platform, BestBuzz, uses dynamic QR codes in order to provide consumers with various types of rewards while generating hype about different brands using social media, making it a very successful choice for local businesses who used these promotions for this year’s Valentine’s Day. The Valentine’s Day campaigns ran from January 30, right through to the end of February 14, and were designed to have consumers use their mobile devices and the BestBuzz mobile app to scan a special heart-shaped QR code. Scanning the “buzz code” gave the mobile…

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