Get more business with QR codes linked to mobile testimonials

Virual Marketing

Reviews play a big role when it comes to business. More than 70% of consumers rely on reviews when considering making a purchase, according to Business 2 Community, a market research firm that analysis emerging trends in connectivity between consumers and companies. Given the number of people that rely on referrals and their general affinity for social media, businesses looking to give their reviews a boost are turning to QR codes to get the job done. Direct mail campaigns have been successful in the past, but they can only go…

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Referrals are the best, no big surprise, but mobile testimonials might just take the cake!

Mobile Testimonies

Small businesses rely on a variety of tools to keep them in the favor of consumers. Service-based businesses, such as lawn care and roofing services, tend to depend more on word-of-mouth. It certainly is a powerful form of passive marketing. According to a study conducted by Harris Interactive, a global market researching firm, 70% of consumers consider reviews and referrals when determining which service to use. Now these small, local businesses are finding a new way to give customers something to talk about by using QR codes. Those that rely…

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