Samsung battling to cling to its mobile market share

samsung indian smartphone market

The tremendous growth and successes of the smartphones may not be as glittery for the tech giant in coming years. Over the last four years, Samsung Electronics has been able to enjoy a massive amount of success and growth in its mobile market share, particularly due to its Galaxy smartphones. It has been a primary rival for Apple in the smartphone marketplace and has made billions in that spot. That said, it is becoming increasingly clear that holding onto its position in the mobile market may not be quite as…

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Mobile technology has massive penetration compared to fixed communication

africa mobile technology

The rates of penetration in Africa have a “colossal disparity” between them, says Frost & Sullivan. Frost & Sullivan, the analyst firm, has recently stated that the mobile technology market in Africa is seeing an exceptionally large penetration rate when compared to that of fixed communications. The difference between the penetration of these two techs in the continent was described as a “colossal disparity”. On the side of mobile technology, the penetration is considerable enough that it has nearly reached complete saturation in Africa. On the other hand, there is…

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Mobile market now sees 70 percent American smartphone penetration

Smartphone mobile market

Recent data is showing that in the United States, these devices are taking over the cell phone space. comScore has now released its most recent data that is gleaned from its own MobiLens and Mobile Metrix, which has managed to provide a considerable amount of insight regarding the American smartphone and overall mobile market and the direction that it has been taking since May of this year. The findings have been quite interesting, particularly in terms of the penetration of smartphones in the U.S. What the comScore report indicated was…

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How retailers are taking their first steps into the mobile commerce world


When new technology comes into common use, it isn’t always obvious how it should best be used, and mobile commerce is no exception, but retailers – both online and in actual physical space – have been making their first attempts at using smartphones and tablets to their best advantage, each in their own ways. Retailers weren’t typically a part of the first wave of commerce. There were a few trailblazers, but other than that, mobile devices weren’t at all a part of their strategies, especially among those who weren’t online…

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Spammers take aim at mobile phone users

Mobile Commerce

Spamming techniques under a watchful eye. Text messages have become the latest target for marketers who use spamming techniques to reach a broad audience in a similar way to that which has already been filling email junk folders for many years. According to Ferris Research, in 2011, it is estimated that American consumers received approximately 4.5 billion texts with spam ads. This was more than twice the number that was received in 2009, when there were an estimated 2.2 billion spam texts. Though the problem has not yet grown to…

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