Diesel brings a very social QR code campaign to shops

Diesel Clothing QR Code Campaign

Diesel Clothing QR Code Campaign

Mobile marketing is becoming popular all over the world. As more people turn to smart phones and other mobile devices to enhance their daily routine, more advertisers are tapping into new ideas to reach a mobile audience. Fullsix, a far-reaching marketing communications group in Europe, has launched a new QR code campaign for fashion brand Diesel. The campaign aims to integrate social media with the point of sale is stores.

Many companies have been ramping up their presence on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Consumers are constantly connected to these websites thanks to their smart phones. The notion of leveraging social media in an effort to reach the tech-savvy, mobile crowd is a new trend in mobile marketing. However, simply existing on a social network is not enough. Companies must find a way to entangle their online presence with their real world one. This is where QR codes come in.

Fullsix’s codes are currently on display in Diesel stores in Madrid, Spain. Scanning the code brings shoppers to a mobile-optimized product page. From there, they can “Like” the page, which will be posted on their Facebook wall, letting their friends know they are shopping at Diesel. Customers can “Like” specific products and share those on their Facebook page as well.

The lines between the digital and physical world continue to blue as more companies adopt QR codes for their marketing campaigns. As mobile technology becomes more advances, the lines may end up disappearing altogether.

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