Constant Contact takes on mobile marketing to an entirely new degree

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing
Constant Contact has announced that it will be embracing mobile marketing to a much greater degree with a new partnership with DIDMO, the developers of the Magmito cross-platform solution for mobile app creation.

Though it wasn’t too long ago that the primary focus of the teams at Constant Contact was on services that provide email marketing, the company has now widened its potential and its offerings so that it will have the opportunity to achieve much more significant growth than their customers – past and present – may have expected.

With the partnership between Constant Contact and DIDMO, there will reportedly be an integration of the services available from the two companies, so that the customers from both firms will be able to both form and promote marketing campaigns designed for the users of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

This will allow the business customers with Constant Contact, who currently number approximately 500,000 to be able to form their own mobile applications for the promotion of their companies with Magmito and, with the single click of a mouse, they can automatically create a marketing campaign for email through their account at Constant Contact, which will provide recipients with a QR code which can then be scanned by those recipients.

At the same time, the clients from DIDMO will be able to use an existing Constant Contact account, or they can create a new one in order to allow them to create a larger distribution and promotion of their mobile content through email.

According to the Constant Contact director of the AppConnect Program, Kevin O’Brien, a growing number of companies are using email and social media marketing to connect with their customers, and they feel that mobile is the next step.

He explained that the consumers of today are using their smartphones and tablets to discover information to an increasing degree. “DIDMO’s mobile app creation tool gives our customers an easy and effective way to engage with mobile right from our Constant Contact MarketPlace.”

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