Mobile marketing is taking off in Spain

Spain - mobile marketing

This European country is making tremendous advances in advertising on small screen devices. While the countries that paved the way for mobile marketing in the Western world were primarily Great Britain and the United States, it is currently Spain that is making the greatest advances in this area in terms of use and adoption. Spain now has more consumers that use smartphones than it ever has before, opening up a serious opportunity. Spanish advertisers are now focusing on mobile marketing to a considerable extent in order to reach out to…

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Mobile marketing is underestimated in Latin America by brands

Mobile marketing

This, according to the global ad sales chief at Telefonica, regarding the opportunities in that region. According to a statement made by Simon Birkenhead, the director of global ad sales at Telefonica, brands are failing to understand the full potential of the mobile marketing opportunities in Latin America, which is a region in which there is a tremendous increase in m-commerce and smartphone and tablet media consumption. Birkenhead expressed this belief at the recent forum of the MMA in London. He spoke in London at the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)…

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Mobile marketing budgets predicted to take off in Asia Pacific

mobile marketing trends asia pacific

A survey has revealed that one third of marketers intend to spend 75 percent more. Warc has now conducted a new survey in the Asia Pacific region on behalf of the Mobile Marketing Association that has shown that 90 percent of marketers in that area are expecting that they will be increasing their budgets for advertising and promoting over smartphones and tablets. In fact, among them, the majority will be adding a considerable amount of money to their budgets. Among the participants in the mobile marketing survey, 34 percent believe…

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Mobile marketing brought $139 million into the American economy last year

mobile marketing smartphone sale

The MMA has released its latest data regarding the contribution of smartphone and tablet ads in the U.S. The most recent statistics from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), has shown that the solid and quickly growing smartphone advertising ecosystem brought a massive incremental output of $139 billion into the American economy last year. This is a considerable increase over the sales that were reported by the MMA only two years before. The MMA reported that the results from 2012 were a “significant surge” over 2010, when the net sales had…

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Mobile Marketing Association has announced its Mexican council

Mexico Mobile commerce

MMA Mexico is a direct response to the growth of smartphone use in the region The top global trade association for the mobile industry, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has announced the start of its Mexican council, which is the newest among twenty new locations around the world. The MMA Mexico is a reflection of the region’s importance within the industry and its marketing. It also shows that the MMA has recognized that industry guidance and support is needed for mobile marketing to be successful in that country. This newest…

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