Facebook begins testing new mobile marketing platform

Facebook mobile social media marketing

Ad program targets developers of mobile applications Since going public earlier this year, Facebook has been faced with several challenges in terms of stocks and revenue. The company is currently in need of increasing its revenue generation significantly, which means that it is beginning to focus more on its mobile strategy. The social network is beginning to focus more on its use of mobile advertisements for developers of applications. The company is currently testing a new ad program for developers, which will enable them to target a wider audience while…

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QReach to provide businesses with the means to launch QR code campaigns

QR Codes shopping for men

DG3 launches new platform to facilitate the use of QR codes in marketing DG3 Digital Marketing, a marketing and visual communications company based in New Jersey, has announced the release of a new mobile engagement package aimed at leverages QR codes as a way to engage consumers. The package, called QReach, is designed to expose companies to the various uses of QR codes and how they can be implemented in marketing campaigns to reach out to tech-savvy consumers. DG3 has developed the package with print communications in mind, hoping that…

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Rapidly increasing adoption of mobile devices boosts Google’s advertising income

Mobile gaming

A Marin Software report has indicated that advertisers this year will increase their mobile paid search budgets by more than double, and that Google’s revenue from mobile adds will grow 4 to 8 times more rapidly than its ad revenue for desktop computers. The fast adoption of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is clearly altering the way consumers are using search engines, and this has caught the attention of advertisers. The report, which was produced by the top online advertising management platform for agencies and advertisers, Marin Software,…

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Effective use of QR codes lacking amongst businesses, could leave consumers with a poor taste for mobile technology

qr code

Mobile technology has become a very important part of a consumer’s life. As such, businesses are beginning to incorporate this technology into their marketing and promotion schemes at a rapid pace. QR codes have become a popular tool in the endeavor to connect with tech-savvy consumers. Though the codes are relatively simple to use, many companies are having trouble using the codes effectively. The codes’ inherent simplicity has deceived many businesses into believing that they can create a code, stick it on an advertisement, and then forget about it. Such…

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The continuing importance of location to mobile commerce and marketing


According to the latest Mind Commerce Publishing report, entitled “Mobile Location Commerce 2012-2017”, mobile commerce is predicted to achieve a 39 percent compound growth rate from now through until the completion of 2017, as a result of the omnipresence of smartphones and tablet computers. Location-based commerce is forecasted to be one of the primary initiatives that will exist among the mobile environment within the next three years. In fact, location-based services were a key element of the report, and are expected to have an important impact on boosting sales. Geolocation…

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