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What is mobile marketing…

Mobile marketing is the practice of catering advertisements to consumers with mobile devices. The advent of mobile technology highlighted a growing need for advertisers to begin adapting to the changing mentality of many consumers. As more people got their hands on mobile phones, and those phones began attaining a connection to the Internet, advertisers found a promising opportunity in engaging these consumers. Today, consumers with smart phones and tablets have a nearly uninterrupted connection to the Internet, meaning that advertisers can engage these consumers at any time through myriad mobile marketing strategies.

One method of mobile marketing is through SMS, or text, messaging

. This form of marketing rose to fame in the early 2000’s in Europe and some parts of Asia as businesses started getting a better understanding of how to engage mobile consumers. This form of mobile marketing found success because of its direct approach to consumers, many of whom were enthralled with the concept of text messaging and being directly connected to the companies they liked.

QR codes are an effective mobile marketing tool…QR Codes Mobile Marketing

that have proven capable of engaging consumers with dynamic digital content. Though the codes themselves do not contain this content, they direct users to mobile websites where the content can be found. QR codes first rose to fame in Japan and then spread to the U.S., where they are widely used today. These codes can be scanned with a smart phone equipped with a simple barcode scanning application. QR codes are most popular in print marketing campaigns from companies eager to engage a mobile audience.

Mobile marketing is also widely present in mobile games

Mobile Gaming

These games are almost exclusively available for mobile devices, giving advertisers an ideal opportunity to engage mobile consumers with various forms of marketing campaigns. In-game advertisements are not only a good way for marketers to reach a certain audience, they are also a way for mobile game developers to make money. As such, most mobile games have some sort of mobile marketing feature included in them.

There are privacy concerns regarding mobile marketing.

Through mobile marketing platforms, advertisers can gather a great deal of information about the people that engage in their campaigns. This information can be anything ranging from home address, ethnicity, location at time of engagement, age, gender, and even political affiliation. Because this information can be so easily attained, some consumers and advocacy groups claim that mobile marketing strategies are invasive.

Mobile marketing is becoming an increasingly prominent part of social media

. Sites like Facebook are putting increasing focus on making space available to advertisers, especially through their mobile platforms. Facebook, as well as other platforms, have been criticized in the past for making user data available to advertisers as a way for these marketers to better direct their campaigns at certain groups.

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