Google Gemini generative AI now available through any Android device

Generative AI - Android Device

The tech giant has rolled out the new artificial intelligence features for Android users. Google has announced that it is rolling out Android device features that include additional ways to interact with the Gemini generative AI. The mobile operating system is growing artificial intelligence features At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year, where Google had a booth, it announced that it was rolling out new ways for users to interact with the Gemini generative AI within their devices, including in Google Messages.  In this way, users will be able…

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Google denies updates are killing the Fitbit Charge 5

Fitbit Charge 5 - Image of a person wearing a Fitbit with an emoji

Owners of the popular fitness tracker say their devices have stopped working after updating. The Fitbit Charge 5 is a highly popular fitness tracker, but owners have been complaining that their gadgets have stopped working properly – or stopped working entirely – after software updates. Google has been providing the updates but says those are not the cause of the problem. Owners of the Fitbit Charge 5 started complaining about the dying fitness trackers following software updates last summer. At that time, the most common complaint was that battery life…

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OpenAI unveils Sora the AI text-to-video generator

AI Text-to-Video - Concept image of AI

The company that created ChatGPT is now rolling out a new model that creates videos. OpenAI, the company that brought ChatGPT to the world, has now unveiled a new AI text-to-video generator model that will create videos as long as a minute using only text input. The new model has been named Sora and is currently in its early testing phase. The Sora AI text-to-video generator is being tested by a select number of users and artists and has not yet been rolled out for the broader public.  This unveiling’s…

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There are now over 100 million Google One subscribers

Google One - 100 Million Subscribers

This achievement has arrived following years of effort to get people to pay for additional storage. Google One now has over 100 million subscribers, according to company CEO Sundar Pichai, who announced the milestone for the all-in-one subscription service for additional storage for the company’s services. The premium service involves paying for storage for Gmail, Photos, and Drive users. Reaching that particular Google One milestone underscores the tech giant’s efforts to encourage its users to pay for premium upgrades to services instead of relying exclusively on its free offerings.  This…

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AI Agents are among OpenAI’s next big developments

AI Agents - AI Developments

What will it mean when artificial intelligence is available to start performing tasks on our behalf? OpenAI is now reportedly working on the development of AI Agents, which will be capable of performing certain basic tasks on a user’s device when asked to do so. If OpenAI is successful in creating this technology, it could completely change AI. If OpenAI successfully creates AI Agents able to do things like send an email or book a vacation on behalf of a user, it will entirely change the nature of the relationship…

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