Ubisoft is developing a VR game for fighting the Notre-Dame fire

VR game - Notre Dame Fire

The French company will have players joining the Parisian firefighters to battle the cathedral’s 2019 blaze. Ubisoft is reportedly developing a VR game in which players will join the Parisian firefighters that battled the massive 2019 blaze that devastated the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral. The virtual reality experience is designed to be an hour long and is made in partnership with a docudrama. According to a Variety report, Ubisoft is developing the VR game to provide a one-hour virtual reality experience associated with an IMAX docudrama directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud,…

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Google finally gives Wear OS left-handed support

Wear OS - Person looking at smartwatch on wrist

After dragging its heels for three and a half years, the wearable operating system will work on both wrists. Google had been losing its drive to move forward with its Wear OS wearable technology platform until Samsung came along to help. This assistance recharged the tech giant and encouraged it to take on a substantial user problem too. When Samsung came along, it helped Google to build the Wear OS 3. With that build, Google has finally opened itself to overcoming one of the major challenges its smartwatch wearers have…

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Scanning QR codes will be faster and easier with Android 13

QR codes - phone scan of code

The process will reportedly involve a number of shortcuts for seamless, simple, quick scans. QR codes have been around for ages but really came into their own over the last couple of years as the need for contactless but convenient methods of checking in, subscribing, obtaining information or even paying for goods and services rose dramatically in importance. That said, it became clear that the process of scanning quick response codes could use improvements. For a long time, even the functionality for scanning QR codes wasn’t built in on phones.…

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WhatsApp rolls out mobile payments pilot in the US powered by crypto

Mobile payments - WhatsApp

The popular messaging app has launched the pilot program with a limited number of users. WhatsApp has launched a new mobile payments pilot program for a limited number of users in the United States. The idea is to let users send and receive funds with the same convenience as sending a typical message. The new mobile payments feature in the messaging app is powered by the Novi digital wallet service, which is also owned by Meta. Novi uses Pax Dollars (USDP) for transfer facilitation, ensuring that all money is received…

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France requests removal of Wish from app stores and search engines

App stores - App removal request

The country wants the popular e- and mobile commerce application removed and the website hidden. A number of French ministers together issued a statement through which they are asking top search engines and mobile app stores to remove consumer access to Wish, the popular e- and mobile commerce platform. The application and website work as a marketplace so merchants can sell and ship directly to customers. The reason the French ministers want Wish taken down from app stores and search engines is that they say that the platform makes it…

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