FDA-approved wearable device offers drug-free chronic migraine relief

Wearable device - person reacting to headache

The medical gadget developed in Israel triggers Conditioned Pain Modulation in the central nervous system. A new wearable device developed in Israel has been shown to be highly effective for the significant reduction of pain and other debilitating chronic migraine symptoms after two hours of use. The results of the study into the effectiveness of this gadget were published in the Pain Reports journal. The Nerivio device by Theranica underwent a prospective, multi-center, open-lab trial. That research, which was published in the peer-reviewed Pain Reports journal, showed that the wearable…

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Can artificial intelligence and big data improve South Korea’s fertility rate

Artificial intelligence - AI and Big Data

The country has the lowest fertility rate in the world and hopes to boost the number of births. South Korea has announced that it will be using artificial intelligence (AI) in combination with big data to help overcome its low birth rate struggles. The country has been pouring money into improving the fertility rate without improvements. The Ministry of Health and Welfare has commissioned research for the use of artificial intelligence analytics for supporting infertility programs and pregnancy planning for more effective outcomes. The purpose of the effort is to…

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3D-printed vaccine patch offers pain-free immunization, says study

Vaccine patch - person receiving vaccine via needle

Stanford University and University of North Carolina at Chapel hill say it also builds a stronger immune response. A team of scientists at Stanford University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have developed a 3D-printed vaccine patch that delivers an immunization without needing to use a needle. The researcher said that the method is not only pain-free but also offers an improved immune response. According to the researchers who conducted the study, the vaccine patch they developed will provide an improved immune response when compared to a…

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QR code verification of COVID-19 vaccination status launches in Virginia

QR Code verification - Vaccination records

Residents of the state can use quick response codes to prove that they have received their shots. Residents of Virginia can now use QR code verification to prove that they have received their COVID-19 vaccination, requiring a simple barcode scan to confirm. The Virginia Department of Health announced the use of the barcodes for vaccination record access. The QR code verification option was rolled out to provide straight forward and quick access to vaccination records for COVID-19 shots. In this way, Virginians won’t need to carry around the paper documentation.…

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University of Maryland launches QR codes for student contact tracing

QR codes - University of Maryland

The school is collecting data on where students are seated in the classrooms to trace COVID-19 exposure. The University of Maryland has launched a new program that uses QR codes to collect student seating data in support of its contact tracing efforts for COVID-19 exposures. The quick response barcodes are scanned when a student enters a classroom at College Park university. When the QR codes are scanned by University of Maryland students upon entering a classroom, it registers the individual’s ID number, and the date and time when they entered…

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