Antitrust reform legislation to block Apple from stopping pre-installed app removal

Pre-installed app - pre-installed iPhone Apps

The legislation was introduced by Democratic Representative David Cicilline earlier this month. Democratic Representative David Cicilline has introduced antitrust reform legislation that would stop Apple from being able to block its device users from pre-installed app removals. Cicilline is pushing to pass new regulations for technology companies in the United States. By stopping a pre-installed app from being deleted from a device, that device’s manufacturer gives its own applications an advantage over competitors. Therefore, Cicilline is has proposed that tech platforms be prohibited from giving such an advantage to their…

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Baltimore passed a law requiring vacant properties to post QR code signs

QR code signs - rundown building with graffiti

The quick response codes direct a scanner to an info portal about ownership and plans for a building. The city of Baltimore has passed a law requiring QR code signs to be posted on vacant properties. The city currently has around 15,600 vacant properties and a decreasing population. This trend is quite different from other cities on the East Coast. Across the last decade, the population of Baltimore has reduced, making it even more challenging to fill vacancies. As these properties become and remain quite visible, the city has made…

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QR code magnets to help police in crime prevention

QR code magnets - Pittston City Police - Eyewitness News

The Pittston City Police Department is encouraging scans to report crimes around the community. A local police department in Pittston City, Pennsylvania, is using QR code magnets as a part of a new community engagement project. The goal is to encourage community members to work with law enforcement to prevent crime. The QR code magnets have been distributed to make it easy for community members to scan the barcode to initiate anonymous tips to police. In this way, people can report crimes that have already happened, or can give police…

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Denver launches QR code pet tags along with its licenses

QR code pet tags

Scanning the quick response codes makes it easier for a lost animal to find its way home again. In Denver, Colorado, people buying animal licenses will now be issued QR code pet tags that will make it easier for their lost animals to find their way home again. The Denver Animal Shelter is giving the PetHub ID tags away when a license is purchased. The idea behind the QR code pet tags is to make it possible for someone who has found a lost pet to scan and gain owner…

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New Pew research shows 7 percent of Americans are living without internet connections

Living without internet - Person using internet on tablet and computer

The Pew Research Center study has shown that the number has dropped considerably. A new study conducted by the Pew Research Center has found that the number of Americans living without internet has dropped substantially in recent years. That said, those who continue to lack a connection to the online world include the elderly, those living in remote regions, and those living in poverty. The percentage of people in the US who aren’t going online has dropped from 15 percent in 2015. Though the current percentage of people living without…

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