CES 2022 places the spotlight on Invoxia’s Smart Dog Collar

Smart dog collar - Dog holding a collar in his mouth

The wearable technology gives Fido the opportunity to track health as well as a human fitness tracker. Invoxia’s Smart Dog Collar is among the gadgets debuting at CES 2022 that has drawn the most attention simply because it is utterly and completely cool. This wearable technology is meant for furry family members and can help monitor a pet’s health. This gadget is leaps and bounds over some of the smart dog collar products that have been released in the past. It is quite comparable to the type of technology we…

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Nike to sell virtual shoes in metaverse following RTFKT acquisition

Virtual shoes - Image of Nike brand shoes

The athletic apparel brand announced this week that it has purchased the digital sneaker company. Nike has announced that it has acquired the digital sneaker company RTFKT, as the athletic apparel giant seeks to move forward from the real world into selling virtual shoes in the metaverse. The digital sneaker company was acquired by the sportswear brand for an undisclosed amount. As the metaverse grows rapidly, companies are looking to make sure they are a part of the digital experience. It appears that Nike’s first moves in that direction will…

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Netflix mobile games launches for the first time

Mobile games - Netflix on phone

The video streaming service has started rolling out the new option to some Android users. Netflix has announced that it has begun rolling out its mobile games this week, bringing the video streaming giant into an entirely new sector. This offers the company an entirely new way to add subscribers and generate fresh income. At the first mobile games rollout, subscribers have the option to play any of five initial games on the application. These include “Card Blast”, “Teeter Up”, “Shooting Hoops”, “Stranger Things: 1984”, and “Stranger Things 3: The…

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Can artificial intelligence and big data improve South Korea’s fertility rate

Artificial intelligence - AI and Big Data

The country has the lowest fertility rate in the world and hopes to boost the number of births. South Korea has announced that it will be using artificial intelligence (AI) in combination with big data to help overcome its low birth rate struggles. The country has been pouring money into improving the fertility rate without improvements. The Ministry of Health and Welfare has commissioned research for the use of artificial intelligence analytics for supporting infertility programs and pregnancy planning for more effective outcomes. The purpose of the effort is to…

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TikTok challenge trend leads to warning from California Teachers Association

TikTok Challenge - TikTok logo - Trends

A list of monthly video themes has students recording themselves as the “Slap a Teacher”. A concerning list of TikTok challenge themes has been released, encouraging students to record themselves in behaviors such as vandalism, theft, and now violence has taken off across the United States. This month, the list instructs students to “Slap a Teacher” which has raised alarm among instructors. This week, the California Teachers Association released a statement in which it warned “Educators Beware!”, and which was shared on Facebook. It informed teachers of the nature of…

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