Contactless mobile payments collaboration forms between CTBC Bank and Soft Space

Contactless mobile payments - Paying with wearable device

The partnership will work as a system used by Taiwanese taxis to make it easier to charge fares. CTBC Bank, based in Taiwan, has entered into a partnership with Soft Space, a fintech from Malaysia, to launch a contactless mobile payments system to be used by cab drivers to collect taxi fares. The system will allow customers with Android smartphones and NFC technology to tap to pay. The contactless mobile payments system will be powered by Soft Space so that Android phone users can pay for their cab rides using…

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What are the Advantages of Fiber Optic Broadband?

Fiber Optic Broadband

If you are in the process of upgrading your internet connection at home, or are getting an internet connection for the first time in a new home, then fast, fiber-optic broadband might be an option that is available to you. But since there is often a big price difference between regular DSL internet and fiber-optic, it’s a good idea to give some careful consideration to this decision. What is Fiber Optic Broadband? Fiber-optic broadband such as that offered by the Wyyerd fiber internet service will give you access to super-fast…

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Machine learning research aims to mitigate climate change risks

Machine learning - climate change - Research

Canadian researchers are employing artificial intelligence to optimize various systems and strategies. A team of researchers in Canada are using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to work on reducing the risks posed by climate change. The scientists at a Canadian university have been developing Climate Change AI to mitigate risk. One of the project’s leaders, Sasha Luccioni, is working to use machine learning to overcome some of the biggest challenges humans face as a result of climate change. She is working with researchers at the University of Prince Edward…

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Panera Bread trials drive-through artificial intelligence technology

Artificial Intelligence Technology - Panera Bread Restaurant

Two locations in upstate New York are giving the tech a try for taking orders from customers. Earlier this week, Panera Bread launched a test of artificial intelligence technology at two of its locations in upstate New York. The AI will be used to allow a computer to take drive-through orders. The test is meant to gauge how accurate and able the tech is in taking orders from customers in real life. The company is hoping to use the tests to determine just how accurate orders taken using artificial intelligence…

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NFC technology experiences considerable surge in global use

NFC technology use World Wide

A recent survey shows that consumers have a greater awareness of the tech and are satisfied by it. A new study conducted by ABI Research has shown that consumers are considerably more familiar with NFC technology, and they are more satisfied with it as well. Over eight out of every ten consumers have used a contactless card or mobile payment wallet. According to the research, more than 85 percent of consumers have used NFC technology in the form of a “contactless card or mobile payment wallet.” Moreover, they have increased…

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