Is Apple developing its own wearable technology ring?

Wearable technology - The Apple Ring is Coming -Image Source - AppleInsider YouTube

If rumors are to be believed, the iPhone maker is working on a new kind of smart gadget

Smart rings are becoming the latest type of wearable technology to make their way into the spotlight, and it appears that Apple may be looking to launch its own version of the product early on.

Patent filings have been spotted and show details for such a gadget

Apple has filed patents for wearable technology in the form of a smart ring, including diagrams that illustrate a number of ways in which gestures could be used for controlling it. This can function in several different possible ways.

Wearable Technology - The Apple Ring is Coming - Image 2 - Image Source - AppleInsider YouTube
Wearable Technology – The Apple Ring is Coming – Image 2 – Image Source: AppleInsider YouTube

For instance, it could be that the ring will be controlled by touching it with another digit on the hand. This aligns with the design indicated in the filing which includes a type of pressure sensor that will be able to tell when it is being pressed by, for instance, a thumb, when it is worn on a finger on the same hand.

The diagrams also point to ways that the ring’s position could be used in some relationship with the Apple Watch. This could mean that the device will be able to detect when the ring-wearing finger has passed over the opposite wrist wearing the watch.

There are several possibilities for this wearable technology based on the filing

Many have assumed that beyond the aforementioned features, there would also likely be an accelerometer and gyroscope included in the device, such as the “3D accelerometer” within the already launched Oura ring wellness tracker.

Some have also speculated that this could make a wearable technology in the form of a ring a handy controller for the Vision Pro mixed reality headset.  That device is already controlled using hand gestures such as a basic finger pinch, in combination with the eye movements of the wearer.

Of course, it is also important to note that Apple never discusses upcoming products ahead of their official unveiling, and that it has patented many products that it has never launched.  Therefore, while it could be providing hints as to wearable technology that will one day be available to consumers, this might also simply be an action taken by the company to protect its ideas.

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