TikTok social media platform value now 11 percent higher than Facebook

Social Media Platform - TikTok Value Increase

The short video app is also valued at 65 percent higher than Instagram according to a new report. TikTok has now overtaken Facebook as a considerably more valuable social media platform, as a new report from Business2community.com has indicated that the former now has a value 11 percent greater than the latter. This makes TikTok the most valuable brand in its category, based on the statistics in the new report. The analysis was based on data from Q1 this year, naming TikTok the most valuable social media platform in the…

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This social media platform’s ‘security incident’ made private posts public

Social media platform - Public posting - sharing

Twitter says the event that made private Circle tweets public was “immediately fixed.” In April, users discovered a bug on Twitter that would make public the private tweets by Twitter Circle feature users on the social media platform. Almost a month after the discovery was first reported, the company has now released a comment. According to the social media platform, it told affected users that the exposure that made the private tweets public was due to “a security incident” that occurred earlier in 2023. According to Twitter, the issue was…

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Snapchat rolls out AI chatbot to all users

AI chatbot - Snapchat app

The tech, called MyAI, is not unlike the headline-making ChatGPT and initially saw a limited release. Snapchat has announced that the MyAI AI chatbot that had initially been available only to a limited number of users is now being rolled out to everyone. The service makes it possible to talk or collaborate creatively in a new way on the app. The GPT-powered AI chatbot is now being rolled out to all Snapchat users for free. This announcement was made at Snap’s yearly developer conference as the company seeks to carve…

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Unverified accounts will not longer appear in Twitter’s recommended tweets

Unverified accounts - Twitter Recommended

As of April 15, the “For You” feed will only include accounts with a paid-for checkmark. As of midway through this month, unverified accounts will no longer be appearing in the recommended “For You” algorithmic feed, according to an announcement CEO Elon Musk made last week. Only accounts paying for the Twitter Blue feature will be included in the recommendations. According to Elon Musk’s post that announced this change, recommending only tweets from accounts that have a blue badge and not unverified accounts is “the only realistic way to address…

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