Many frustrated with Apple’s App Store alternative attempts

App store - Man looking upset by what he's seen on phone - apple logo

What the iPhone maker delivered has made app developers even more frustrated than ever before. Apple is now receiving developer requests for those seeking to be able to process payments from customers in the US without using the App store’s own systems. Many application developers want to take payments without using the one Apple offers. Software makers welcomed the opportunity for the change to receiving payments through their offerings in the App Store. Their hope was that an alternative option would make it possible to sidestep the fees that Apple…

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Deceptive behaviors are difficult to stop once an AI model learns them

AI Model - Fact or Fake

Researchers from Anthropic, an OpenAI rival, discovered that it’s hard to stop artificial intelligence deception. Researchers from Anthropic, an artificial intelligence startup backed by Amazon, recently published a paper in which they showed that once an AI model learns deceptive behaviors, it can be very challenging to stop them. The paper the researchers co-authored showed that artificial intelligence can be trained to behave deceptively. Beyond that, the researchers also concluded that once an AI model is trained to exhibit deceptive behaviors, it’s hard to get rid of them. In fact,…

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QR code technology used to help event planners manage seating

QR code - Event Planning

The quick response tech was designed to make it easier for event planners and attendees alike. An event management software company called Eventdex recently announced the launch of a new QR code application to support efficient seating management, table location, and event check-ins. Event attendees can use the technology by scanning a barcode, checking in and finding their seats. Event attendees simply need to use their smartphones to scan a QR code at the event. From there, they can check in and are provided with their table and seat information.…

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2024 is expected to be the year of mainstream artificial intelligence use

Artificial Intelligence going Mainstream

AI is set to become a larger part of the daily lives of more people around the world this year. Artificial intelligence is hardly anything new at this point. It makes headlines on a regular basis and many people have already tried it out in one form or another. That said, this year, it is expected to make its way much further into the mainstream, as consumers use it as a part of their daily lives. Virtual assistants and autonomous vehicles are increasingly a part of the news we regularly…

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Nvidia CEO was warned in 2020 that AI technology posed a threat to minorities

AI technology - Minorities - Warning

Members of the Black employees group worked with Nvidia colleagues to warn the CEO of the issue. In 2020, Masheika Allgood and Alexander Tsado, former presidents of the Nvidia Black employees group, tried to warn the company’s CEO Jensen Huang that AI technology posed a risk, particularly to visible minorities. The pair had spent a year working with their company colleagues on the presentation for the CEO. That said, the pair left the meeting feeling frustrated and that their message had not been heard regarding the danger of AI technology…

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