OpenAI announces new GPT-4o free for all

GPT-4o - New AI Model - Person using phone

The tech company unveiled a new flagship model that is faster than its previous releases

At the start of this week, OpenAI announced the launch of GPT-4o, its newest flagship artificial intelligence model.

Also announced were desktop services and voice assistant upgrades

When the new GPT-4o was announced, the company also revealed that it was rolling out a new service for desktop, and that it was making upgrades to the voice assistant capabilities.

GPT-4o - AI desktop - Upgrade

Mira Murati, OpenAI’s chief technology officer, spoke to an enthusiastic crowd in attendance at the company’s offices, hyping the new model as a major improvement in artificial intelligence (AI) overall. 

The new model will be more accurate and faster than the previous GPT-4 model, and it will be free for all users.  Previously, it was exclusively available to paying customers.

“We’re looking at the future of interaction between ourselves and the machines,” said Murait. “We think GPT-4o is really shifting that paradigm.”

Among the GPT-4o improvements also includes international language capabilities

It will also allow users to upload audio, text documents, and images for the model to analyze.  According to the company, new features will be rolled out gradually to make sure that they are being safely used.

The OpenAI event also featured a live demonstration of new voice capabilities that have been integrated in the new AI model.  Two presenters had a discussion with an AI voice model in which it generated a bedtime story about robots and love, as the researchers instructed the model to tell the story using various types of voice inflections and emotional tones.

Later, there was a demonstration that used a phone’s camera function to show a math equation to the AI model. From there, the voice mode of the model walked the presenters through the process of solving the equation.

One of the researchers presenting took one opportunity to tell GPT-4o to read the expression on their face and determine what emotion it represented. The voice assistant feature of the AI model said that the researcher appeared “happy and cheerful with a big smile and maybe even a touch of excitement.”  It went on to say that “Whatever’s going on, it seems like you’re in a great mood,” adding, “Care to share the source of those good vibes?”

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