Samsung needs to double its foldable smartphone sales next year to hit its targets

Foldable smartphone - 2024 sales increases

The company will need to be able to sell about 20 million units of its Galaxy Z phones in 2024. Samsung has announced a target for its foldable smartphone sales and will need to sell 20 million units of the Galaxy Z in 2024 to be able to reach it. That target represents a 33 percent increase over the 15 million Galaxy Z phones expected to sell this year. If Samsung were to reach its set target, it would mean selling 33 percent more Galaxy Z next year than they…

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Apple App Store not listed among compliant mobile marketplaces in China

App Store - China - Not Compliant

The country listed the marketplaces that comply with its new regulations, but Apple’s wasn’t on it. China’s internet and online ecosystem regulator recently released a list of the names of the various mobile app store marketplaces that are compliant with its regulations, and Apple’s marketplace wasn’t on the list. The list comes as a strong signal that the regulator has started enforcing new rules it previously announced. The regulator had already announced that it had a number of new regulations for mobile application marketplaces, including the need to file business…

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OpenAI yearly revenue closes in on $1 billion

OpenAI - Revenue - Dollars

The developer of the generative artificial intelligence ChatGPT bot is bringing in $80 million monthly. OpenAI, the developer of the generative artificial intelligence (AI) ChatGPT bot is generating approximately $80 million in monthly revenue according to a recent Bloomberg News report at the end of August, citing an unnamed source familiar with the matter. The growth of the adoption of ChatGPT has been enormous, having only debuted last fall. Following the explosively successful launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, there has been a massive investment into the generative AI market. This particular…

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Google’s artificial intelligence can scrape any content on the web

Artificial intelligence - AI Internet - Computer

A new update to the company’s privacy policy says its AI can scrape any web content to improve its tools. A new Google privacy policy update says that it will be allowed to scrape the web for any content it feels will be beneficial to enhancing and building its artificial intelligence tools. The company will be using any part of the web it wants to teach and train its AI technology. “Google uses information to improve our services and to develop new products, features, and technologies that benefit our users…

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