China wants its digital currency to reach greater use

Digital Currency - Yuan

The country is boosting its efforts to roll out the online yuan to the general population. China is boosting its efforts to roll out its digital currency to the general population, as local tech giants such as Tencent and Alibaba join in with its use. That said, there are a spectrum of challenges in the way of the widespread use of this online yuan. The primary question is whether people across China who are already using two exceptionally popular mobile payments systems operated by Alibaba and Tencent will want to…

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UK ICO to question Meta over child VR safety

Virtual reality - kid using VR headset

UK watchdog officials are concerned that the company isn’t doing enough to keep kids protected. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the United Kingdom intends to continue its questioning of Meta over the safety of its Quest 2 virtual reality headset for children, according to a recent report in The Guardian. The ICO said that it intends to enter into “further discussions” with meta over its VR compliance. This is hardly the start of the scrutiny Meta has faced over the child safety efforts it has and has not made…

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PayPal and PACE Telematics roll out mobile payments at gas stations

Mobile payments - gas pump

The companies are working together to let European customers pay at the pump with phones or smartwatches. PACE Telematics, a fuel station mobile payments provider based in Germany, has teamed up with PayPal to make it possible for customers to pay at the pump with their smartphones, Apple Watches or Android smartwatches. The transaction process at the European stations is expected to be quick, easy and secure. More than 1,000 gas stations in Europe already offer mobile payments using PayPal and smartwatches. They include Hoyer, BayWa, and team energie. More…

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Militaries around the world are developing artificial intelligence dubbed ‘Slaughterbots’

Artificial Intelligence - Military technology

The unmanned vehicles are being programmed to seek out targets and destroy and/or kill. Countries such as China, Russia, and the United States are developing new artificial intelligence (AI) that can be used for military purposes. The technology has been nicknamed “slaughterbots”. A UN conference addressing the subject of this use of AI failed to come to an agreement on a ban. As a result, many are now issuing doomsday-style cautions about superpower arms races that involve the development of artificial intelligence capable of identifying and engaging targets on their…

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Indestructible Earth’s Black Box to gather a record of climate data for humanity

Black Box - Climate Change

The massive structure is meant to be able to outlive humankind in the hopes that it won’t have to. Earth’s Black Box is being built in the Australian state of Tasmania to gather a record of open-source climate data stored in an indestructible structure the size of a bus. The recorders within the structure will store any new climate publications, headlines or even tweets. Every time new climate research is published, Earth’s Black Box will record it. It will also take in all news headlines, tweets and other content on…

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