QR code venue check-ins will be added to NHS COVID-19 app

QR code venue check-ins - NHS COVID-19 app

The contact tracing application in England and Wales will soon request more shared details with positive test. The NHS COVID-19 app’s recent updates have started adding QR code venue check-ins to the requested information for sharing upon the receipt of a positive coronavirus test. The update was added to the application before the nations re-opened their stores on April 12. The purpose of the additional sharing of QR code venue check-ins in the case of a positive COVID-19 test result is that authorities want to be able to notify other…

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SHE Team QR codes roll out in Hyderabad metro train stations

SHE Team QR Code - Women riding train

The quick response codes provide a simple way for women in distress to register complaints. Women who find themselves in distress while riding trains on the Hyderabad metro system can now scan a SHE Team QR code in the stations to file a complaint. The new system is meant to make it easier for women to report a problem on the rail system. The goal of the SHE Team QR code system is to promote better safety for women riders. The Complaint System was launched by M. Mahendar Reddy, the…

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Canada’s lack of QR code technology use weakens COVID-19 vaccine tracking

QR code technology - COVID-19 vaccine with QR code

The small barcode helping other countries isn’t benefiting our neighbors to the north. QR code technology used in countries around the world is helping those nations to implement effective tracking of their COVID-19 vaccines. However, Canada won’t be benefiting from that same level of tracking because it lacks the tech to scan those simple barcodes. The square smartphone-compatible barcode would allow a package to be tracked back through the supply chain. This failure to have QR code technology in place is a frustrating one in the country, particularly as there…

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Southeast Asian mobile shopping dominated e-commerce over Chinese New Year

Southeast Asian mobile shopping - mobile shopping app - credit cards

Online buying exploded, as usual, for the holiday, and it was smartphones that made a retail killing. Southeast Asian mobile shopping took off in massive proportions over the recent Chinese New Year, easily becoming the primary driver of e-commerce in the region. In-app purchases were particularly high in the region as shoppers used their phones to purchase. Leading the way in Southeast Asian mobile shopping sales volume increases were Thailand and Singapore. Indonesia’s app traffic volume shot up substantially when compared with October 2020 data. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and…

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Virtual reality for seniors uses technology for personalized therapy sessions

Virtual reality for seniors - VR equipment

The VR tech makes it possible for the elderly to enjoy their memories by reliving them. A Toronto, Canada non-profit launched by a palliative care doctor and a music producer is using virtual reality for seniors to provide them with the opportunity to relive their favorite memories while experiencing highly personalized therapy. The VR therapy was found to provide elderly patients with physical and psychological benefits. “It improves both physical and psychology symptoms,” said Dr. Ginah Kim, one of the Express Service Society’s co-founders. “A big part of improving people’s…

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